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Yasmine Hashem Ahmed, a physical education teacher in the Aswan Azharian region, won first place in the competition for the best physical education teacher in the Arab world, within the activities of the Arab Women’s Sports Conference in the second edition, held at the Tulip Hotel in the Olympic Center in Cairo.

Yasmine Hashem Ahmed Mustafa said she lives at the Edfu Center in Aswan Governorate and works as a physical education teacher at the Girls’ Secondary School Institute, and obtained a BA in Physical Education from South Valley University in 2015 with a very good grade, cum laude.

Sada Al-Balad’s best teacher added that she has also obtained a degree in physical education and a masters researcher specializing in team games and racket games at Aswan University 2020.

She also obtained a certificate of appreciation for her dedication to the work and outstanding efforts at the institute by the Department of Physical Education in Aswan Azharian region, a certificate of appreciation for the efforts of the institute from the administration of her institute, a certificate of appreciation for organizing the ceremony and sports show on the birthday of the Noble Prophet with the inn, and a certificate of appreciation for the efforts made in the sports activity. 2019, and a certificate of appreciation for the outstanding sporting achievements during the celebration of the Prophet’s Birthday from the Inn 2019.

She passed the Arab-African International Training Course in the Arab Republic of Egypt for stadium injuries in 2013 and the International Arab-African Training Course in the Arab Republic of Egypt in Sports Massage.

She added that at the beginning of her work she struggled to persuade students to participate in sports within the institute, and it took time for this belief as it was difficult to convince parents to participate in competitions, or whether it was in the region or in the republic, and said, “I used to go to the parents’ homes to convince them.”

The Aswani teacher talked about the scenes where she won the best sports education teacher in the Arab world, that the competition was announced on 10/2019 and the last submission date was / 7/2020 and it was changed due to Kurna’s circumstances to 11 / 10/2020 and was already prepared for it and the preparation of a CV and a completion file From experiences of a physical education lesson, And a video of a presentation of the sports shows that were conducted within the institute and sent to the competition directors. The best physical education teacher represented by Al-Azhar was chosen at the level of the Arab world.

The competition witnessed the participation of participants from 11 Arab countries, including: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Kuwait, Palestine, Sudan, Jordan, Libya, Yemen, Algeria, Morocco, and the daughter of Al-Azhar Al- Sharif won first place in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Arab World, despite all the difficulties and challenges, and the lack of capabilities and distances she encountered during the match.

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