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Drama by Ramadan Zaman

Egypt News: Egypt Today: Thursday, May 16,
With the details of the news: Egypt News urgent – Egypt News: Ramadan Ramadan Zaman People and people. Comics turned into a social series that was cynical

Set of people and people

The deceased writer Ahmed Ragab and the cartoonist Mustafa Hussein, the owners of the idea of ​​comics criticizing the negative things in Egyptian society and some characters that harm society and its attitude, such as lovers of power and hypocrites, and the life between rich and poor, and many other social issues, was published in the newspaper and became widespread Great among people.

In the early nineties of the last century, in the month of Ramadan, the television series "Nass and Nas – Part I", a different and unique artistic experience, with comic stars in a number of comic stars in comic characters, was transformed into a dramatic success, Discussing Topics covering a wide segment of the Egyptian public in a distinctive comedy format.

The writer, Atef Bashai, wrote a script and dialogue for the series, directed by Raed Labib. The series included a large number of stars including Ahmed Rateb, Hassan Hosni, Hassan Kami, Mohamed Heneidy, Farouk Flux, Ibrahim Nasr, Najah Al Moji and Waheed Saif.

The series was based on the introduction of characters who & # 39; Fantasia & # 39; appear to be and exaggerated in a caricature such as & # 39; Alkheit, Kambura Bey, singer Joura, Abdo Mushtaq, Komanda & # 39; and many other models in Egyptian society. Realistic until a second part the following year was also presented in Ramadan.

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