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Efforts led by Major General Ibrahim to find a compromise battalions

The Major General pointed out that ambiguity and anticipation did not circumvent the interest in finding a practical solution to the March 8 crisis of the deputies.
In this respect, an informed source revealed that the Director General of General Security, Major General Abbas Ibrahim, went to Paris to meet with the President-designate Saad Hariri about a compromise between a Sunni Minister and the six Sunni representatives, President Michel Aoun, and not calculated on him or on Prime Minister Hariri.
The sources said that the president of the republic took seriously the task of finding a solution to the problem of Sunni representatives, despite his objection to their former minister, and instructed one of his closest associates to conform Hizbollah's views. With the demands of the high-level opposition minister, Aoun and Hariri, the parties agree that they should name a middle Sunni figure from outside the consultative meeting block, one of the remaining four deputies: Najib Miqati Osama Saad Fouad Makhzoumi Bilal Abdullah. & # 39;
Informed sources told the "Major" that there is no new record in the formation of government formation, especially in dealing with the node represented by the participation of independent Sunni representatives in the government.

Source: Major General

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