Finally, science resolves the controversy over how often to wash hair

The debate among health professionals and the general public continues to rage over the number of times someone should wash their hair, a question that the most popular search engine “Google” considers common and famous..

According to the “Science Alert” website, which specializes in science news, human hair should be washed when it becomes oily, indicating that the time for fats to appear and produce varies from person to person based on their hormones and genes..

The source quoted a dermatologist, Paradis Mirmirani, as saying that the hormones responsible for excess sebum production increase during puberty, leaving many of us with oily hair as we age..

Mirmirani explained, ‘The answer to the thorny question of how often to wash hair varies from person to person“.

And she continued, “Sure, we don’t have to wash our hair every day, because washing daily does more harm than good.”“.

On the other hand, Lynn Goldberg, a dermatologist at Boston Medical Center, said there are three fundamental things to consider when answering this question:

Skin type

If you have non-oily skin, you may need to wash your hair once or twice a week, and if your scalp is oily, you may need to wash your hair more often..

Hair structure

The length and quality of your hair affects how quickly the sebum spreads. If you have coarse or curly hair, it is recommended that you wash it once a week.

In contrast, people with fine, straight hair should shampoo twice a week or more.

Shape your hair

Another thing to consider is the shape of your hair. If your hair is damaged or damaged from styling, wash it less often (once a week), Mirmirani says.

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