Google adds two features to “Maps and Search” for business owners

Google has introduced a new feature in Google Maps and Search that allows business owners to communicate directly with their customers or prospects, and the company said in a blog post that this feature will be available to businesses that have only been verified, and in reference to the increase of communications between business owners and customers as a reason for launching this feature Google said, “As more people try to make more informed decisions before they leave home, we are seeing an increase in the number of messages sent to businesses.

Since the beginning of this year, people have sent more than double the number of messages directly to sellers from their business profiles on Google Search and Maps, and the company allows business owners to send messages from their business profile and then respond to customers on Google Maps from within the Business Messages section on a tab. Updates Soon, these companies will also be able to see these messages from Google searches and through the list of customers in your trading profile.

In addition to clicking the ‘message’ button in the company profile for each company, users also have the option to initiate a conversation from any message they create. Another feature that Google offers business owners is the ability to see more metrics to see how their business profile is being discovered. More detailed searches that customers used to find your business on Google.

Early next year, you’ll see updates on the performance page showing whether customers viewed your business through Google Maps or Search and whether they viewed it from a computer or mobile device, and all your performance data will be available for up to six months. In numbers to see how your business has performed over time and how your business profile resonates with customers.

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