Google prohibits installing its apps on Huawei phones

As with Google, it has taken decisive measures and plans to completely block the installation of its applications on Huawei devices by identifying and blocking the processors of those devices.

Due to the US trade ban imposed more than a year ago, and although Huawei phones and devices are no longer able to install Google applications, users can still install these applications manually using various methods such as third-party APK files, but google installed things manually. Difficult.

However, a foreign user on Reddit drew attention to new measures added by the global search giant to identify and then block Huawei devices using Kirin processors, where a message appears confirming the installation error; As follows: “This application is not compatible with your device processor.”

And since most of Huawei’s flagship devices, such as the P40 series, use the Kirin processor designed by the Chinese semiconductor company Silicon, users are banned from installing the Google app on those devices, which would almost block Huawei smartphones .

The user also indicated that the main applications being blocked are the latest version of the “Google Maps” application. In addition, the ban only appears on Huawei phones like P30, P20 and P40, but if Google software is installed on Samsung phones, the situation is completely normal and works very effectively.

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