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Hariri for the Beirut Society of Societies: My position is clear and does not retreat politically

Younis Sayed wrote

Prime Minister Saad Hariri confirmed that the recent contract against the formation of the government is being addressed. Emphasizes that his position is clear and will not deteriorate.

The speech was attended by the Lebanese Grand Mufti Abdullatif Durian, Judge Khaldoun Arimat, a group of former deputies, directors-general, social and cultural events and heads of the Lebanese Parliament. And representatives of the Beirut families.

Prime Minister Hariri said in his speech: "The martyred president believed that the Union of Families is his real party, and we are undoubtedly going through a somewhat difficult phase, but it is not true, but God wants us to stay in the footsteps of the father, But I am in a clear position and will not fall back. "

"We have a real opportunity to advance the country at the Cedar conference, we need to fight corruption and waste and we reform and reform our laws of 50, 60 and 70. The world has changed." He added: "Our project is long-term and we will restore Beirut as it was in the past.

Prime Minister Hariri appreciated the meeting and stressed that what is happening today in this meeting is an institutional work that needs to be continued, and there are difficult stages that we are going through. There are phases that will be easier, but we will continue to follow the tortured approach.


After welcoming the member of the board of directors, Dr. Osama Mahiou, the president of the Federation of Family Federations of the Republic of Morocco, Mr Afif Yamout, gave a speech in which he stressed that the governing body of the Union should activate the work of the committees and open the doors of the Union to the residents. from Beirut or beyond, with emphasis on communication and consultation with the religious authority, Sheikh Abdel Latif Darian and the political reference represented by President Saad Hariri and the municipal reference represented by the Governor of Beirut, Judge Ziad Shabib and the President from the city council Eng. Jamal Itani, as well as to deepen communication with ministers and MPs.

Former MP Muhammad Al-Amin Itani stressed in a short speech the importance of the meeting and called on the families of the Union to unite and work to activate the Union committees to keep the business and people of Beirut up to date .

{Treasurer and Chairman of the Health Committee Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Hout presented the agreements that the Health Committee had concluded to support and activate the health card, and announced that the medical center in Bashamoun will be opened soon after it has been processed.

Member of the Administrative Commission and Chairman of the Legal Committee Advocate Majed Damascia presented the work of the "Human Rights Defender" of the Union to keep pace with the urgent legal issues of the whole court, where lawyers from the volunteer community participate to family in Beirut.

(Mohamed Barghout, in turn, presented the draft Union card on petrol and how members of the Union can benefit from it.

"Nassima Al-Tabash also gave the speech of the Women's Committee of the Federation, the eighth of the meeting, which is the main goal of the Union, namely to strengthen the bonds of love and affinity between the Beirut families.

Interviews «Center House»

& # 39; In the evening Hariri met in the & # 39; Intermediate House & # 39; with the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the interim government, Gebran Bassil. During the meeting he presented the ideas that Minister Bassil had discussed with Parliament's spokesman Nabih Berri as part of the efforts to find a solution to the government's crisis.

And discussed with the Minister of Finance Ali Hassan Khalil, in the latest political developments and matters of his ministry.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Hariri continued with a group of institutional investors, the general economic situation, in particular the decisions of the Cedar conference.

Hariri discussed with former Iraqi Vice President Iyad Allawi developments in Lebanon and the region and held him at the lunch table.

The family of the child met Bilal Hamad, in the presence of the Secretary General of the Higher Aid Commission, Major General Mohammed Khair. The family thanked Prime Minister Hariri for the opportunity to ensure a bone marrow transplant for Hamad child at the American University Hospital in Beirut.

Hariri also received the family of the martyr Mohammed Rashid Harb in the presence of Major General Khair and Mukhtar Abdul Hadi Kamal al-Obeidi, who explained the effect that "the young man in Slovenia has died under mysterious circumstances." The prime minister transferred his body to Beirut through Major Khair and buried him with his family, instead of burning the body, as is customary in Slovenia, especially because his family does not have the physical capacity to do so. The family insisted on thanking Prime Minister Hariri for this great service. "

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