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Hasbani: We demand the final figures for the budget

Deputy Prime Minister Ghassan Hasbani said that "after a large number of meetings and discussions was serious, we see as ministers of Lebanese armed forces that many of the issues discussed and the decision taken earlier are being discussed again, even without any change."

In a press conference, Hasbani, along with Labor Minister Kamil Abu Suleiman and Minister of State for Administrative Reform, Mehdi Chidiac said: "there are no definitive final texts for the budget and the resulting figures to study them"

He added: "In addition to the many points that are discussed again and again, the financial impact is smaller than other points, and we hope we have the final text and calculations of the final numbers of what we have agreed so far to conduct a serious debate before the final budget and adjust what needs to be adjusted based on the texts that we have agreed upon. "

He added: "There are budgets from some ministries to be discussed and things that need to be decided have an impact on the Treasury and to reduce large imports and costs, and should not waste time repeating small things, and we hope before the next session to get a full document to conduct a serious and effective debate and increase the performance of the Council of Ministers. "

Abizaid: "Our discussion has a major impact on the financial markets and we have a period in which we have to stay because there will be another debate in the Lower House, we hope not to repeat what happened in the next session and we do work center written texts in order not to put pressure on the legal texts, And not to repeat the discussion of items that we have previously agreed, unless the amendment is made at any point in the text.

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