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Home | Arabs and the world Refugee from the hell of Hamas .. The smallest Palestinian illegal immigrant: I paid money to the son of a leader in the movement to facilitate my journey in my country

The people of the Arab world are bound by the following: Concerned about the Palestinian people, the Palestinian problem with internal division, occupation of the country, building an alleged state on it, the blood of its people, and trying to expel them. And there are those who are fighting aggression, there are those who are unable to stand up to the wave of Israeli terrorism, so they decided to go to an alternative place or another country in search of a decent life. Perhaps the baseline scenario is suitable for men who have been unable to support their families, risk their lives and have migrated illegally to alternative countries, but it is important to have children and girls among them. "Al-Watan" presented a melodramatic story about the Palestinian cause and revealed the poor conditions in the Gaza Strip that forced the children to migrate … alone.


While he goes to school every day with the care of his subjects, who did not reach her books until before the exam for the circumstances of the siege, the child who has not yet reached the age of 16 is still amazed by two things, continue in the Gaza Strip and find work alongside the investigation – if any – or leave the Gaza Strip Looking for another homeland, where he works to get the money to help his family after the death of his father, who left his wife alone , was responsible for supporting four children without a source of income, the economic situation is the worst in the Arab world.

The "Chechens" of the "homeland": the siege forced me to leave the school and start the adventure of emigration through three countries to Belgium

Al-Watan experienced the journey of Mahmud Munther al-Shughanobi, the youngest Palestinian illegal immigrant, who only came from the Gaza Strip to reach Europe to work there, like the adults, in search of stability away from the wars that the Israeli occupation constantly in Gaza. Difficult economic circumstances, bringing the young man from one place to another, from Egypt, Turkey and Greece to Belgium, the mildest European country in hosting Palestinian refugees.


"I usually decided to go to Europe alone, to help my family and God, we are homeless in the country and put ourselves below zero in the Gaza Strip." With these words, the Palestinian boy began to talk to al-Watan, explaining why he emigrated to the place where he grew up, and never left it until the "difficult conditions" of education, working conditions, taxes, and security conditions led him to to experience the experience that exposed them to various risks and death, either at sea or from the bandits or through the forest to get around. State borders, in coordination with a smuggler who receives thousands of dollars to complete the work Yeh is unsecured.

I spent 3 weeks in Tanta and then went through smuggling to Turkey and Greece … I plan to work and study in Belgium

He did not expect that he would finish his third grade education, he did not emigrate and did not travel from his projects, but his ultimate expectation was to stay in the Gaza Strip, but he decided to complete his studies in Belgium. More than the school, our economic conditions are very difficult in the Gaza Strip, imagine the prices in the besieged sector, a liter of gasoline 7 times the price in Egypt, food and smoking, the price of cigarettes is up to 20 shekels and 30 shekels Israeli, we have nothing to say in terms of life », His father died young before he was forty, leaving five children, two« twins »between them daughter, A younger brother, and three years older than him, but he does not work for the difficult circumstances in the sector.

I was wounded during the return march on the border with the Israeli occupation and the movement treats the Palestinian people in the manner of the militia

After the death of his father, who worked in a special paint company, the Munther family had no sources of income. They had only one solution: migration, initially taken by the "Shaghubani" to Egypt and then Turkey to start an illegal journey through forests And the sea, to Belgium, the first step to clear the way for his family, who is planning to sell the house and emigration, looking for a retreat and a new quiet house to live in. Despite his small age, like all the children of Gaza, who were brought up to a great degree of awareness of the Palestinian cause, and the suppression of the Israeli occupation of the besieged sector, which does not have the tools to defend itself against Israeli planes and weapons, he participated in the "Israeli occupation army in the Gaza envelope area and the Israeli settlers as a result of the burning balloons being launched and landing on Israeli agricultural lands, causing the incineration, during which the" Shgnobi "and the challenge Da on May 14, 2018. The first part of the journey was picked up by the young people who had grown up in years, some of whom had gone to Europe while others were still in the sector, but decided to emigrate and February 17 this year went to Egypt. "I entered Egypt and spent 3 weeks with my cousins ​​in Tanta and then traveled to Tu rkije after I obtained a visa for a limited period ». Until the citizen of the Gaza Strip goes to Egypt, there must be specific and documented reasons between the study and the treatment, but there are people who want to leave the sector for a different purpose, so it must resort to the so-called "coordination" and between two sides "Coordination is free by the security authorities, but there are people who use it from the Palestinian side, who is the mediator," said Dr. Ayman al-Raqab, a Palestinian political analyst. Who treats it as an exchange, pointing out that the price sometimes exceeds two thousand dollars, and e The way, which took refuge in its "Munther", began the migration journey.


The humanitarian situation in Gaza is frightening, scarcity of jobs and food, and gasoline is 7 times the price in Egypt

The price of coordination for leaving the sector in three days through an intermediary named Haidara Aql was suspended and he said: "I was attracted to his love and I treated him as my interest to travel and emigrate from this country because of these figures. "He accused the" Shgnobi "Hamas movement to exploit the situation, and revealed the existence of a number of movement workers who took on the role of mediators, including the son of the leading Hamsawi" Mahmoud Zahar ", "Mohammed Mahmoud Zahar", who traded with him via "Hydra Aql", "Hamas is the reason for the current situation. We demand that the Hamas government leave the Gaza Strip, end the division and cancel the march. and stop working against the Palestinian people being subjected to violence and punishment of the militias, and I also call on Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazin to work immediately to get the division and to take over the Gaza Strip. The sector that is witnessing a nasty situation and that is being hit by many parties to put a number of parties together, led by Hamas militias ».

Ayman al-Raqab: Palestinian mediators benefit from the situation .. And transition from the Rafah border crossing to those who "pay"

He said, "There are humanitarian issues in Gaza," he said. "There are humanitarian issues in Gaza," he said. , Patients, university students and others, Hamas does not leave the sector via the Rafah border crossing and has just graduated from paying, Hamas goes behind the dollar ».


After three weeks in Cairo he could get a visa for a visit to Turkey for $ 450, and there he was received by Palestinian acquaintances. He and the youth stayed with him in one of the places they had arranged until they agreed with one of the smugglers to transport them to Greece. We are thinking about how we will spend 18 hours in the forest to reach Greece, and then the sea, it is a great adventure. "He said he had sent his mother to sell the house and begin the same journey until everyone met at the point of smuggling from Turkey to Greece, which happened before they passed a number of forests that ended up on the coasts of the sea, and from there he boarded a small boat with his family and his companions. The journey until they arrived in Greece, encountered great difficulties, brought them to a place where they could not find safety, according to the story of the Shogunbi, who said that every step costs them a lot of money.From 6 to 7 months the Palestinian child and his family were waiting in Greece for the "illegal" trip to Belgium, where he hopes to complete his education and find work to help himself and his family "We will get accommodation and spend our lives, Of Gaza, of course, Gaza put it below zero, I don't know what to say … about the grandfather did not know how to describe and ". When the Palestinian arrives in Belgium, he receives a six-month stay, and there are people who are deported and others stay after fulfilling the necessary conditions to stay. The first is the moment of arrival directly before a military court and the presentation of a "stateless person" Afterwards, the refugee can receive more than 900 euros per month, according to Palestinian sources in Belgium. Home country ", provided that all Belgian laws are accepted. Ivha strictly, otherwise there is no escape from deportation from the country.


RIM ABUJAMA: The families were scattered because of the stubbornness of the factions and the selfishness of the officials. There are 1,000 cases of emigration for girls

"They killed children." With these words, the Palestinian doctor, Reem Abujama, legal adviser on the Palestinian issue, and the witness about the story of Munther, her story about the repeated journey of the children and young people of the Gaza Strip, said: "Illegal immigration is a cancer that has plagued Palestinian society, Gaza, since the last few decades there has been fighting for the return home, and it costs the citizen thousands of dollars to get a national number of every identity by the Palestinian name », pointing out that this phenomenon persisted until 2002, the year that witnessed the Al-Aqsa Intifada, It began to become more difficult and acceptance stopped to spend Yat repatriates, change, and began in the opposite direction to the "military coup took place in the Gaza Strip in 2007 ».

I demand an end to the division and transfer of the Gaza Strip to the Fatah government. Hamas is only looking for the dollar and is working against people

Al-Watan confirmed that the migration of young people was starting right now, especially young people in the third decade, to the worsening economic conditions and the lack of solutions, especially after more than 13 years of the reconciliation process. "The only thing for everyone, young people under or below, or an entire family, is the migration from the Gaza Strip to Europe, with the risk that the immigrant is at risk of dying." The migration of an entire family, preceded by the Negro who is no more than 16 years old, accompanied by his mother and brothers, and who bears the risk, is due to the disastrous situation of this family, they have no breadwinner and the money given by the business The socialization of the family is not enough . "


"There is no way for young people and the family to save their lives except to go to the unknown," she said, pointing out that the number of immigrants from families, young women, and young women exceeds thousands. There are no official bodies that have the courage to announce the actual number of migrants in the sector. The former sector or a Palestinian society has not assigned children to emigrate from society and its conditions, but in the current circumstances there is also migration for girls, and it is common, unlike a conservative society, and now there are more than 1,000 cases of migration for girls. Tender, but there is no sector to absorb, the food "The Gaza Strip is in a state of death. If we ask a young child what to say spontaneously, he will say:" The Gaza Strip is in a state of death. I want to travel from this country, even the injured and Mptoru feet have migrated to the scary situation »withdrawing:" children have killed and killed their innocence and killed the ambition of young people, and the families have spread because of stubbornness of factions and selfish officials. "

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