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Iron deficiency, causes and symptoms, and how to face it

Iron deficiency is one of the most common problems of malnutrition. What causes and symptoms? How can it be confronted?

The German nutritionist Amke Rize said that iron is one of the essential elements that the body needs in various metabolic processes, such as the transfer of oxygen, energy-saving cells and protection against infections. Because the body is unable to produce iron itself, it must be supplied by a diet or another.

Iron deficiency in the body is due to various causes, including major bleeding, severe menstrual bleeding and chronic stomach and intestinal infections, Reza said. Iron deficiency can also be due to a vegetarian diet.

In addition, there are certain cases where the body increases the need for iron more than the amount obtained through the diet, such as during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and where children and adolescents need large amounts of iron.

The whiteness of the face and the hair are pounding
The German nutritionist Zielke Restmaire pointed out that the symptoms of iron deficiency in the body are the lack of facial hair and hair loss and falls, cracking nails and bursting corners of the mouth, in addition to tiredness and fatigue.

In an advanced stage of iron deficiency, anemia may be associated with headache, poor concentration, wastage, loss of appetite, and rapid heartbeat.

Iron deficiency can be investigated by simple analysis of a blood sample from the doctor.

Red meat and peas

Red meat is one of the most important food sources of iron (German)

Restmaire added that iron can be supplied to the body by eating rich foods such as red meat, lentils, peas, beans, nuts, and whole-grain bread.

To improve iron absorption, Restmaire recommends eating meat with vegetables that contain vitamin C, such as peppers and cabbage, and drinking a glass of orange juice, without drinking tea or coffee after eating iron-free meals for a minimum of half an hour.

The German pharmaceutical company Ursula Zellerberg in turn pointed out that iron capsules and pills can supply the body with enough iron, indicating that intravenous injection is not used to provide the body with iron, except when iron intake oral problems such as gastrointestinal problems causes.

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