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"Jebel" loses leadership and "Shaheen" in a coma

The audience of the "Al-Hiba" series is waiting for its third volume of this Ramadan, entitled "Harvest", which contains many interesting events and dramatic changes compared to the first and second volumes.

In terms of dramatic geography, the center of events moves from the village of "Haiba" to the town, where "Jebel" (Tim Hassan) is besieged in one of his hotspots, mainly because he was forced to stay away from his estate and his abode, to follow the treatment of his brother Sakhr) From blindness, as well as the treatment of his cousin, "Shaheen" (Abdo Shahin), who is in a coma after receiving a recording in the "Sheikh Mountain" house , in the first part of the work, knowing that its survival is a secret to keep "mountain" Family members. This is the lie that Jebel says about the promotion: he will not return to & # 39; prestige & # 39; until he finds a solution.

Sireen Abdel Nour participates in the "Harvest Contest", by the character of journalist Nour, who depends on her life and works on a senior official, who enters the latter in a fierce conflict with "Berg", to win. Nour & # 39; s relationship with Jebel starts when he lives in an apartment opposite her apartment, mainly because she tried to register a journalist through him.

For the first time, Ghazi, father of Shaheen, comes out of prison for "revenge" for the revenge of his son's death, as he thinks he is dead, and for leadership.

The third part of "The prestige" is a scenario and dialogue in the name of Silka, directed by Samer Al Barqawi, and the production of "Sabah Al Akhawan", and includes new actors to participate for the first time, led by Joseph Bo Nassar, Abbas Jaafar as a nurse and singer Dana Halabi, From the episodes is the mistress of "Shaheen" who finally achieved his goal with his cousin "Mona" (Rosina Latakani).

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