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King Salman at the Arab – European top

The most important news from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia today: Friday, March 1, 2019
News Details Saudi News Today: King Salman at the Arab-European top – Ahmed bin Abdul Rahman Al – Jubair

Ahmed bin Abdul Rahman Al-Jubair

The Kingdom has its role and prestige, its political and economic weight, an important axis of security and stability in the region, an active contribution to regional and international security, and Europe, through its economy, development and investment.

The Arab and European summit aims to improve cooperation and address common political, economic, social, environmental and security challenges between Arab and European countries, covering risks, crises and regional issues. conflicts in the Arab and European regions.

At the summit, Arab and European leaders are seeking joint efforts to improve security and stability between the two sides, especially in the Middle East, and to find urgent solutions to illegal immigration and terrorism. The summit focused on strengthening the Arab-European partnership in the economic, investment and trade area.

The King's participation in the summit was to confirm the crucial role of the Kingdom in the region, security, relations and mutual interests. The crises in the region require an Arab and European effort to resolve them. The negative The consequences of crises affect Europe as a problem of terrorism and the refugee crisis. , And the flow of migrants.

In his speech, King Salman emphasized the depth of historical relations between the Arab world and the European Union and his willingness to establish a comprehensive Arab-European dialogue, to discuss issues and common crises and the openness of the Arab countries. for the European countries.

Saudi Arabia has provided more than $ 35 billion in aid to more than 80 countries in the humanitarian and charitable fields, it has contributed to reducing illegal immigration to Europe, combating terrorism and setting up the World Center Against Extremism in Riyadh, 2017 m.

Thanks to God, and thanks to his wise leadership, the Kingdom has proven to the world that it is a powerful force and its presence in international politics. It is a great Islamic authority. It has a great responsibility in promoting Arab and Islamic security. . The Palestinian people.

The Kingdom is working to promote independence in international politics, respect for international law, the promotion of investment and economic partnerships with safe and peace-loving countries. The participation of King Salman at the top is confirmation that the kingdom is working to strengthen international cooperation, develop its own potential, its economic resources in line with the developed countries of the world, and the kingdom into an attraction, to make economic cooperation between the countries of the world and work under the patronage of King Salman and his royal crown prince God – to build a system of economic and scientific relations and to establish them in the Kingdom depends, within the vision, on production and performance and the reservation of the status of Arabs and Muslims under the sun, such as developed countries, that do not increase our status and status.

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Financial advisor – Member of the Saudi Economic Association

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