Low weather leads to changeable weather and rain sometimes increases the impact on Friday

An air base at low altitude based on the Black Sea, with relatively cold air masses that hit the eastern basin of the Mediterranean, causes erratic weather and occasional rain and its impact will increase on Friday, according to the Civil Aviation Meteorology Department.

She predicted that the weather from tomorrow will be partly cloudy to sometimes cloudy with low temperatures and haze on the highlands, occasional sporadic rain that gradually decreases from the evening, and some light and scattered snow that at a height of 2000 meters and higher falls.

It also predicted that the weather of the Khamis weather is partly cloudy with an extra low and simple temperature and fog on the highlands, falling light rain sometimes scattered, especially in the southern and northern regions & # 39; s gradually changing into cloudy night and the abundance of rain increases and is accompanied by lightning and thunder and wind speed increase with snow on the altitude of 1900 meters and higher. Friday is generally cloudy with a slight drop in temperature. Sporadic rain is sometimes heavy, accompanied by lightning, thunder and strong wind, sometimes approaching (70 km / h) with a sea wave, and snow falls from 1800 m upwards.

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