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More information about the conditions that the spleen must remove and the consequences of removal

The details of this news show you the conditions that the spleen and the effects of removal must remove

The artist Samaya al-Khashab revealed the removal of the spleen, due to the release of the artist Ahmed Saad, who increased the search for information about the spleen and the reasons for the eradication and its implications, came during a television interview of the artist.

The splenectomy is an operation to completely remove the spleen. It is a fine, fist-sized organ located under the left rib cage near the stomach. The spleen is an important part of the body's immune system and contains the special white blood cells that destroy Bacteria help the body fight infections when they are sick, because it helps to remove or filter out the old red blood cells from the body's blood circulation.

If only part of the spleen is removed, the procedure is called a partial splenectomy, unlike some other organs, such as the liver, the spleen does not grow larger or & # 39; regenerates & # 39; after it has been removed and you must remove the spleen if you have an injury that damages the organ. To rupture, the spleen rupture can be life threatening because it causes internal bleeding.

Common causes of torn spleen are car accidents and exposure to abdominal cramps during exercise, such as soccer or hockey.

You can also recommend splenectomy if you have a spleen cancer or a number of diseases that affect the blood cells, and in some cases the spleen can blow up, making the member more fragile and susceptible to rupture, in some cases it can cause some diseases, The sickle cell , in the contraction of the spleen and stop working, this is called spontaneous splenectomy.

The most common cause of diseases associated with the removal of the spleen is a blood disorder called idiopathic thrombocytopenia, this is an autoimmune disease that focuses on platelet antibodies, which requires platelets to help the blood clot, so that the person with this It runs the risk of bleeding, where the spleen participates in the manufacture of these antibodies and the platelets are removed from the blood, spleen can be removed to help treat the condition.

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