News 24 What is the secret relationship between obesity and cancer?

imageNEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Scientists have found a new discovery that could explain the relationship between obesity and cancer, scientists say.

A team from Trinity College in Dublin explained that fat disrupts the work of cells in the body responsible for destroying cancerous tissues.

Obesity is one of the biggest causes of cancer that can be overcome in Britain after smoking, according to the British Center for Cancer Research.

Obesity causes at least one of 20 cancer cases in Britain.

According to the study, published in the journal Nature Nature, the research team was able to determine how the fat disturbs the work of cancer-related cells.

The researchers expressed their hope for a reliable medicine to renew cancer cells.

Weight loss
"A compound that can prevent the absorption of fat in killer cells from cancer cells can be of some use," said university professor Lydia Lynch.

"We conducted a laboratory experiment that indicated that these cells could be" re-established ".

"Weight loss can be a better way, because it is generally healthier," she said.

"Although we know that obesity is the cause of 13 cancers, we still can not understand the relationship between cancer and cancer," said Leo Carlin of the Bateson Cancer Research Center.

"This study shows how lipid molecules can prevent cells from performing their function in killing cancer tissue and also provides us with ways to further experiment with new treatments," he said.

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