Oman organizes second Arab Mountain Bike Championship


The Sultanate, represented by the Oman Cycling Committee, organizes the second Arab Mountain Cycling Championships which will be held from 16 to 20 November.

The Oman Cycling Committee has made all technical and administrative preparations for the launch of the tournament, in which 45 riders and cyclists from seven Arab countries will participate in the fitness course of the Royal Army of Oman, while the race will be held in Falaj Al Sham in the is Boucher.

Saif bin Saba Al Rashidi, chairman of the Oman Bicycle Committee, said that this is the first Arab cycling federation recognized by the International Cycling Federation, and that seven Arab countries, namely Oman, Tunisia, Morocco, Lebanon, Bahrain, Qatar and Jordan, will participate in the event. Of both sexes for all four racial categories, namely the men's down race and the race for the suburb of youth and the race to penetrate the suburb of women and the race to enter the adult suburb.

Al-Rashidi explained that the organizing committee gave accommodation, comfort, reception and farewell to the delegations, which are expected to arrive on 14 November. The technical meeting will be held at 6 pm on November 16, followed by the press conference. The participating teams will learn about the tournament path on Friday at 9 am. November 16, 2018, the same day will be the technical committee of the championship, while the first race will start on Saturday, November 17, the establishment of the men's cross-country race, and will be held on Sunday, the cross-fertilization of women and youth will be held on Monday, November 19, Tunisia, Morocco and Lebanon will participate in all races, while the rest of the countries will participate in three races, except female penetration.

Regarding the hosting of the Sultanate championship, Saif bin Saba a Al-Rashidi said that it has many dimensions, including raising awareness of the importance of cycling and encouraging young people to practice it and support the international race calendar organized by the Omani Cycling and Environment Committee. By cycling and learning about the historical, medical and tourist components of the Sultanate.

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