One day in heaven we play together on the same team … Pele has not yet accepted the death of Maradona

On November 25, football legend Diego Maradona passed away at the age of 60, succumbed to a heart attack, and on that day Brazilian legend Pele mourned, saying, “I hope we can one day play football together in heaven.”

More than a week after his death, Pele insists on this wish and says goodbye to what he described as “the myth of truth and incomparable”.

Pele wrote on his official Facebook page: “Today 7 days have passed since you left. Many people enjoyed being compared to us all their lives. You were a genius who fascinated the world, charming with the ball at you. feet, a true legend, but above all, you will always be a good friend to me. ” , With a bigger heart.
Now I know that the world would be a lot better if we could compare less and like each other more; So I would say you are incomparable.
Your path is marked by honesty, and in your unique and special way you have taught us to love and say “I love you” a lot. Because of your quick departure, I couldn’t tell you that, so I’ll just write: I love you, Diego.

My wonderful friend, thank you very much for our whole trip. One day we play together in heaven on the same team. It will be the first time that I raised my fist victoriously on the field without celebrating a goal. It will be because I can finally hug you again.

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