Patients and doctors demand the inclusion of obesity surgery within the «health insurance»

He called on patients and doctors to include the treatment of obesity in health insurance services, which treats them as a form of beauty and entertainment, especially as it threatens the lives of infected people, if coincident with chronic diseases, while the Ministry of Health and community protection is considering the inclusion of this type of surgery within the insurance coverage. For patients, in their hospitals, the road started to move for the move. The Dubai health authority has also confirmed that it will legalize the move as part of its plan to expand health insurance services.

"Obesity patients have informed Emirates Al-Youm that they are resorting to strict eating habits and physical activity, and that they use drugs and drugs to reduce weight, including what is sold by name and attractive, via social media, rather than surgical operations that require large amounts of money and are not covered by insurance coverage, requiring the necessity to include this type of treatment in health insurance services.

Dr. Marwan Al Zarouni, president of the Emirates Medical Association, stressed the need to include obesity surgery in the health insurance services for patients, especially since 100% of these operations are necessary for treatment. However, a health insurance policy covers it as part of the cosmetic operations that must not be carried by the owner.

"Most obese patients suffer from chronic diseases associated with them, such as diabetes and stress, and if they are not overweighted by the owner, this can lead to his death, and suffer from obesity patients. Trahlat and malformations in the body , where reconstructive surgery is necessary to bring the body back to Normal ».

Al-Zarouni said that many obese patients can not afford the operation at their own expense: one person needs between four and five separate treatments for this disease, the cost of one operation is 40 thousand dirhams. .

He stressed the need to distinguish between liposuction and body sculpting, which is accepted by some for cosmetic purposes, and those who need surgical procedures to remove excess weight, the first type meeting the requirements of cosmetics, and the second. within the urgent therapeutic need.

For his part, the consultant for general surgery and obesity surgery, head of the team of obesity surgery at the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, Dr. ir. Issa Mualami, that the ministry is considering to include the treatment of obesity in hospitals under the umbrella of health insurance, adding that the ministry has equipped hospitals to obtain international accreditation, to pave the way for the inclusion of operations within the insurance coverage, stressing that the addition of these types of operations provides a major advantage to obese patients, in addition to long-term economic feasibility, the decline in drug dependence is only a solution to many Chronic diseases, in addition to on obesity surgery of high value and is confirmed by scientific research in the prevention of chronic diseases.

He stressed that the ministry's hospitals offer all forms of obesity surgery and apply the latest technologies in accordance with the ministry's strategy of using innovation as a methodology for developing health services. These hospitals have the satisfaction of their customers and their trust. Periodically about the services provided and offer the best medical devices.

He explained that the ministry's hospitals performed more than 600 obesity surgery annually, of 5000 obesity surgery performed at the state level, noting that the ministry weight-loss services in addition to surgery, gastric balloon and gastric stenosis by the endoscope, in addition to specialized clinics for obesity and weight loss adds By changing diet and lifestyle, within her plan to combat obesity in the country, stressing that all operations performed in the ministry's hospitals are a therapeutic need, and are subject to the criteria approved for surgical obesity.

He stressed that the operations of obesity surgery in the ministry are constantly evolving, attracting the best international doctors in their hospitals, periodically identifying the practices used and taking advantage of their expertise in this area, giving these hospitals the satisfaction of their clients and have their confidence, noting that the Ministry of Health Tracht is paying more attention to obesity by having these hospitals recognized worldwide as excellence centers.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Organization for Food and Medicine (WHO) classify obesity as a chronic disease, while the ministry makes people aware of obesity as a chronic disease with health, mental and physical consequences as a preventable disease and as a preventable disease. priority for the strategy in accordance with the national non-communicable disease.

He added: "Obesity surgery in the ministry is subject to clear policies and protocols developed in accordance with the best international practices in this area. The studies also proved the feasibility of these operations in the prevention of chronic diseases, as well as the treatment of diseases associated with obesity, such as diabetes, hypertension and high fat.

He stressed that weight loss is an urgent necessity for the prevention of chronic diseases associated with obesity, and the best way to do this is surgery. He pointed out that the scientific studies conducted for patients after obesity have shown positive results from these operations in the prevention of chronic diseases, in addition to the treatment of diseases associated with obesity, blood pressure and high fat content.

Dr. Younis Kazem, Executive Director of Dubai Healthcare Corporation, Dubai Health Authority, said the Authority intends to include the treatment of obesity within the umbrella of health insurance in a standardized way in the framework of its strategy to include health insurance services in the emirate expand with exceptional benefits and services. .

He pointed out that the treatment of obesity will be examined, so that it is in accordance with specific requirements, the most important to prove the medical examination and the opinion of doctors the urgent need for treatment of the patient, away from any cosmetic suspicion, to health insurance costs the cost of treatment according to the requirements.

He added that this step coincides with the formation of a team to study and review the current insurance system with a view to its development to serve the patients and beneficiaries of the health insurance in the emirate by adding additional benefits. to be applied as soon as possible. And its benefits in a comprehensive way, to identify the key services and additional benefits that can be added, in the interests of patients, in terms of treatment, as well as all beneficiaries of insurance, in the context of Commission support and its importance in the interest of the patient, and provide all means for recovery and recovery, regardless of what program he needs, and his financial costs.

Patients with obesity, Mohammed Refaat, Abdel Rahman Ahmed and Mahmoud Salem, complained that they resorted to eating hard diets and exercise, as well as taking drugs and weight loss drugs, including what is sold by names and offers attractive through social media , instead of surgical procedures that require large amounts of money, exceeding their capabilities, and not covered by insurance coverage.

They emphasized that they have been heavily physically pressured to treat obesity, especially through surgery, and are unable to pay the high costs, which amounts to more than 200 thousand dirhams, and the need to include obesity treatment in the health insurance services, which are regarded as cosmetic and non-therapeutic.

Diet and sports diets and weight loss products always end in failure.

For its part, the director of the Ministry of Pharmacy warned the health authority in Dubai, Dr. Ali al-Sayyid, to resort to medicine to get rid of excess weight, without a prescription from the doctor and among the medicines licensed by the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, Who promote the social media with attractive features , can transmit the risks and complications of serious health to the users and lead to death, because diet and exercise are the best way to get rid of excess weight.

Medical instructions

Doctors have warned about obesity, apart from the medical guidelines prescribed by doctors, mainly because each case requires a different treatment plan, and also do not take medication for weight loss without a prescription, as this can cause serious complications of the body and lead to death.

The death of obesity

The Head of the Obesity Surgery Team at the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, Dr. Issa Mualami, said that there are no accurate statistics on obesity deaths in particular, due to the overlap of obesity with other associated diseases, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and strokes, and even some types of cancers that affect the body, but according to global sources , deaths from overweight associated with cardiovascular disease up to 7% of total deaths worldwide.

• Patients who resorted to food nutrition did not avoid treatment costs.

• To warn physicians of the dangers of medicines promoted through social communication & # 39 ;.

• 5000 obesity operations at the state level annually.

• 40 thousand dirhams the cost of one surgical treatment of obesity.


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