“Purism” reveals a phone with data protection technology

The company, “Purism”, announced the launch of its new smartphone, which relies on data protection.

The US company explained that the new “Librem 5” smartphone is based on the “PureOS” operating system, which is based on the “Linux” system, indicating that maximum data protection is provided by the power supply to some components shut down, such as “modem”. The camera, the microphones and the wireless WLAN unit.

It added that Lockdown mode disables GPS and all available sensors.

The new phone features a 5.7-inch TFT display with an i.MX8M SoC processor, which includes four Cortex-A53 cores and runs at 1.5 GHz, in addition to three gigabytes of RAM and 32 eMMC Flash internal memory. GB.



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