Researchers: Long-term use of phones does not affect mental health

Fatima Qamar al-Dawla

Posted on: Friday December 4, 2020 – 6:52 PM | Last update: Friday, December 4, 2020 – 6:52 PM

Numerous studies and scientific studies and doctor’s advice indicate that the use of mobile smartphones for a long time harms the general health of the human body, nevertheless researchers concluded in a recent study that smartphones do not harm the mental health of the users.

According to the “Science Daily” website, researchers in the study conducted at the University of “Lancaster” in the UK led by Heather Shaw, the study’s lead author, show that widespread use of smartphones is a weak indicator. for anxiety, depression or stress.

The researchers measured the time spent by 199 users of ‘iPhones’ and 46 users of ‘Android’ devices for a week, and found that the amount of time people spend on smartphones does not affect mental health problems. They previously found that poor mental health is linked to people’s fears. About their use of smartphones.

Lead writer Heather Shaw says, “ A person’s daily smartphone pickups or screen time did not predict any symptoms of anxiety, depression, or stress, plus people who exceeded the clinical breakpoints of both generalized anxiety and disorderly depression didn’t use their phones more than those who scored. Below this limit, “emphasize that poor mental health is linked to the fear of smartphone use felt by participants.

The researcher notes that the results were measured based on the participants’ scores on a problematic use scale, asking them to rate phrases such as “I use my smartphone longer than I intended,” and “I have repeatedly tried to shorten the time I used my smartphone but failed all the time. “

Based on the results, the study author found that it is important to separate actual use of the device from people’s concerns about technology, as the use of devices does not specifically affect people’s mental health, but rather that people’s attitudes or fears are likely to drive these results.

The researchers confirm that cell phone technologies have become more important at work and in everyday life, especially during the Corona pandemic, and they have continued that little use of smartphones will not make people happier.

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