Screen, camera and battery upgrades … see iPhone 13 specifications

The world of smartphones is a big and huge world and every day is developing so we offer you everything new and today we presented you the beautiful iPhone 13, the latest version of the well-known global company in modern technologies, Apple is most famous companies and brands in this field and a leading company since its advanced revolution.

Apple uses the “operating system” system, which is one of the most complex systems that rely on many complex algorithms, making it one of the most difficult systems in terms of penetration. This is why iPhones are among the most expensive phones in the world and the most popular with business people or celebrities who can buy them.

IPhone 13

IPhone 13 features

Today it unveiled a number of reports related to the phone news IPhone Especially the American company Apple has made the new decision by adding the iPhone 13 to make it the best phone ever. The surprise Apple announced was the addition of a telephoto lens that acts like an “endoscope”, or telescope, that will push the phone’s camera to other heights.

IPhone 13

The report indicated that Apple has already made some modifications to the phone’s battery that serve the additional function, and the report indicated that the task of creating the phone screen can be delayed to LG to use the LTPO panel. work to help conserve and conserve the energy consumed by the screen. To the camera.

IPhone 13

The report said it had to be produced Phrases 4 phones in the same category, but the screen size difference is as follows: “iPhone 13 mini, 5.4 inch, iPhone 13 normal, 6.1 inch, iPhone 13 Pro, 6.1 inch, iPhone 13 Pro Max, 6, 7 inches, indicating that not all phones have a headphone port, based on Apple’s latest “Bluetooth” headphones.

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