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Set the frequency of the Arabic channels alarabiya May 2019 on the Nile and the Arabic sat. Word dot org

Egyptians follow Arabic channel frequency The Arab and Arab channels are one of the major news channels that transmit all major events relating to the internal and external affairs of Egypt, as well as the most important news from some Arab countries and countries of the world. We are here in this article Via our website "Kalima Dot Orange" we talk about it Arabic channel frequency On satellite Nilesat and other satellites, and we talked about the frequencies of other news channels interested in local and international affairs to keep you updated on the most important news from Egypt and the Arab world and the international world, so follow us.

Arabic channel frequency

offers Arabic channel frequency An excellent news service for all Egyptian and Arab viewers, especially those interested in or engaged in political and economic work, and one of the most important programs of the "Sabah Al Arabiya" channel that runs from Sunday to Thursday at 8 : 00 KSA is coming, dealing with all the news Saudi Arabia and the Gulf and daily worldwide in all areas of politics and economy, You now Arabic channel frequency About the NileSat and ArabSat.

The moonfrequencyEncoding factordirection
Nile Sat.1218727500-56horizontal
Arabic sat1239927500 3/4vertical

It should be noted that Al Arabiya Channel Has become a major concern for those seeking the truth and the right news, both within the Arab world and in European countries, in all issues that arise around us Al Arabiya Channel The first and fastest channel to convey the full truth in video and audio thanks to a large crew of renowned correspondents on the event site.

Arabic channel frequency event

It's coming Arabic channel frequency event To get the same attention at local, Arabic and international level, the channel has received high viewing figures from inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and has become one of the most important news channels in recent times.

The moonfrequencyEncoding factordirection
Nilesat SD12168 27500 – 5/6vertical
Nilesat SD11559 27500 – 5/6 vertical
Nilesat HD11137 27500 – 5/6horizontal
ArabSat SD12284 27500 – 5/6vertical
ArabSat SD12092 27500 – 5/6vertical

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