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"Taliban" threaten the Afghan child to admire the "Messi": we will take him apart

The Afghan child Morteza Ahmadi, known for his continued existence as Lionel Messi, has become a popular militant of the Taliban and has threatened to cut him into pieces!

Murtaza, the slim, seven-year-old, with a seven-year-old face, gained fame in 2016 when the media and media channels shot a plastic bag resembling a blue-and-white shirt from Argentina called Barcelona's Messi star and number 10.

But today Murtada Ahmadi and his family, who fled the Taliban, are a nightmare for thousands of Afghans. The child that Messi honored in Doha, Qatar, has become a war refugee.

The boy and his family left their home last November in the southeastern state of Ghazni, where hundreds of others fled the fight. The Taliban launched an offensive against the region, which was largely free of the conflict.

Murtada watched five times the best footballer in the world and achieved the dream to meet the star on the sidelines of a friendly match for the Catalan club with Al Ahli in Doha in December 2016, and entered the field hand in hand.

Messi, the ambassador of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), sent a shirt to the Afghan child with his signature.

But Murtada is now one of the thousands of Afghans living in the capital, Kabul, an unfamiliar fate, in difficult living conditions, difficulties in supplying food, water and heating in the bitter cold.

Mourtada almost constantly returned from Doha to his country, torn apart by conflicts and wars since the 1980s. It only took two years before he noticed that he was directly affected.

In Kabul, more than 200 km from Ghazni, the Murtada family is safe. His brother Humayun says: "We are afraid that something bad will happen if they know the identity of Murtaza."

As far as Murtada is concerned, he concentrates on two things: his shirt and his shirt. "I want to get them back so that I can play," he says.

In a small rented room in the Afghan capital, Kabul, the family of the child, whose mother Shaveika lived, was forced to flee from their homes under cover of darkness after the skirmishes broke out, AFP reported.

"We have not been able to cope with any of our needs, we have only survived," said the woman who covered her face with a scarf.

Shafiqa adds that the fears of the family have increased to such an extent that the Taliban are looking for Murtaza by name. "They said that if they arrested him, they would cut him apart."

"The danger of returning the Taliban is very high, and returning to Jaguri is not an option," she says. "Some influential people shouted and said:" You have become rich, you pay the money you have from Messi, or we take your son. "

"When I see him (Messi), I will go with him on the field and see him play," he says. "I want to stand by his side to help me here, if I'm big, I also want to be Messi."

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