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Targeting Saudi oil installations … Algeria calls for escalation

Algeria expressed concern over the unfortunate events on the Arabian Peninsula on Wednesday after the oil supplies near the Saudi capital Riyadh were attacked by marching planes.

Official radio said Algeria "expressed concern over the continuation of the unfortunate events on the Arabian Peninsula, which followed a serious approach to the exposure of oil refineries near Riyadh to aircraft attacks."

Algeria, which condemns its disapproval of these attacks, "calls for avoiding escalation and to provide the language of wisdom and dialogue to overcome differences and find solutions to ensure a future of peace, security and prosperity for the benefit of all peoples in the region. "

The League of Arab States, Arab countries and international organizations voiced their condemnation of the terrorist attack on two pipelines

Oil in Saudi Arabia, Tuesday.

The spokesman for the security of the presidency of Saudi state security, that there was a "limited focus" on the oil pumping stations belonging to Aramco in the Dawadmi province and the Afif province in Riyadh.

He added that "the competent authorities have started their responsibilities at the sites and will be announced later about possible developments," said the official Saudi news agency.

Saudi energy minister Khalid Al-Falih, in turn, said that "the pipeline was directed by an attack by drone-controlled aircraft and was controlled after it caused limited damage."

He explained: "It is between the sixth and sixth and half of the morning of Tuesday, the ninth of the month of Ramadan 1440 H corresponding to May 14, 2019, two pumping stations for the East-West pipeline, which transports Saudi oil from oil fields in the eastern province to the port of Yanbu on the west coast, "Dron" drones, which resulted in a fire at station No. 8, were taken over after causing limited damage. "

He added that "the terrorist attack focused on the pipeline connection between the eastern region and Yanbu", and claimed that Saudi Arabia has stopped pumping the pipeline, where the damage is being detected and repair station to repair the line and to to pump normally.

"The Kingdom condemns this cowardly attack, and this recent terrorist and sabotage campaign against vital installations in the Arabian Gulf not only focuses on the Kingdom, but also focuses on the security of global energy supply and the global economy. Terrorist organization that conducts such subversive activities including the Houthi militia supported by Iran in Yemen. & # 39;

At the end of his remarks, Minister Al-Falih "emphasized the continued production and export of Saudi crude oil and products without interruption."

Earlier on Tuesday, the Yemeni group Ansar Allah announced the launch of air strikes on Saudi vital installations.

"The military air force of the army and popular commissions carried out a major military operation against Saudi targets," said the Al-Masirah channel, led by the Houthi group of Yemen.

The channel quoted a military source as saying that "seven planes carried out attacks on Saudi vital installations" without specifying the targets or when the attacks took place.

The source pointed out that "this great military operation comes in response to the continued aggression and siege of our people", adding that "Ansar Allah is ready to conduct more strikes that are qualitative and cruel in the case of continued aggression and unjust siege. "

Saudi Arabia has been leading an Arab military alliance in Yemen since March 26, 2015 to carry out operations to support army units loyal to President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi to restore territories seized by Ansar Allah in January of the same year .

Yemen has the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, with thousands of deaths and injuries according to the United Nations, and 22 million people, or about 75% of the population, need humanitarian assistance and protection, including 8.4 million who don't know where They get their next meal.

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