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The best sources of iron for pregnant women during fasting

Iron is a very important metal for the body to produce red blood cells that transport oxygen to the fetus in the womb. During pregnancy the body produces more blood cells to fulfill the oxygen and food needs of the baby. When there is a lack of iron, people feel tired and fall due to a lack of oxygen. These are the best sources of iron that your body needs, especially during the month of Ramadan:

* Chicken liver or cow from the richest sources of iron, but it is also rich in fat and cholesterol, so should be eaten moderately.

* Nuts and seeds are an important source of vegan, and you can eat peanuts, almonds and pumpkin seeds as snacks.

Beans are also a great vegetable source for iron, so eat beans, lentils, white beans and black eyed cowpea to get a good portion of the metal, but iron needs vitamin C to improve body absorption and tomatoes provide this vitamin .

* Meat from chickens, cows and fish is rich in iron, and the body can absorb a larger proportion of the animal iron up to 20 percent of the amount, while absorbing 5 percent or more iron.

Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, lettuce and mallow are good sources of iron.

* It is necessary to eat more foods that are rich in vitamin "C" to absorb the iron in the body, and give a bowl of power much of the vitamin, so you should consider it a big one, especially if you can fast.

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