The crisis continues … World Health reveals the date of Corona’s “third wave”

The major advances in the effectiveness of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines against Coronavirus, and their innovation in record time, raise questions about the feasibility and safety of the two vaccines.

The chief epidemiologist in the United States and the president of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci, explains to USA Today how scientists arrived at these vaccines? And why is people’s confidence in the vaccine key to overcoming the epidemic?

The vaccine has also been evaluated for weeks in the European Union, Australia, Canada, Japan and the United Kingdom

The tests of the Pfizer and Morderna vaccines show promise in terms of effectiveness in the fight against the Coronavirus, which has exceeded 90 percent

Fauci says that “the American public should gain confidence in the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine if the results prove it, and that this vaccine will be available to most of the people between April and July, meaning the United States for will return to normal in autumn 2021. “

He said approval of the vaccine is not an easy process as a specialized committee of the US Food and Drug Administration “FDA” reviews the clinical trial data and makes sure it is effective and safe according to current data.

This committee is usually independent, not affiliated with official bodies or even companies, and consists of experts who specialize in conducting such clinical studies.

And half of the participants in the clinical trials must have passed the second dose of the vaccine for more than 60 days to ensure its safety or harmful effects, which usually occur within six weeks of the short term.

Fauci stressed that life will not return to normal until mid-2021

Fauci had confirmed in previous statements that life would not return to normal until mid-2021

Fauchi, confirmed that he had recently seen data from clinical trials for vaccines, Pfizer Biontec, as the company had previously indicated that there were no serious safety effects in clinical trial volunteers.

He explained that the independent committee of scientists from the “FDA” will meet in early December to verify the safety and effectiveness of vaccines through real evidence, and this meeting will be preceded by another analysis from the Food Administration, which will pave the way for committee meetings.

US states fear another wave of closure because of Corona

US states have tightened distance and shutdown measures for fear of a second wave of Coronavirus over winter

After full-day meetings, the committee will present its recommendations to the Food and Drug Administration, including whether or not the use of the vaccine should be allowed? In addition to recommendations regarding the first group to receive the vaccine.

Last Friday, Pfizer and Biontec filed an urgent license application for their emerging coronavirus vaccine in the United States, as authorities imposed new restrictions to contain the pandemic.

On Friday, US Health Secretary Alex Azar announced that the US company Moderna, which is extensively developing and distributing an anti-corona vaccine, may submit a similar request on its part.

The scientists created the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines using a technology that was used for the first time in vaccine history, called messenger RNA, or mRNA, to produce an immune response in people who are being vaccinated.

According to this technology, vaccines deliver the genetic DNA (mRNA) or (RNA) to the human body to convert cells into proteins that have protrusions that make antibodies similar to the protuberances above the coronavirus.

In the event that the person who has received the vaccine has subsequently been exposed to the Coronavirus, the antibodies will attack him in a strong and effective way. And both vaccines are given in two doses, weeks apart.

The technology used to develop the Pfizer-Bionic and Moderna vaccines

The technology used to develop the Pfizer-Bionic and Moderna vaccines

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