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The environment is present in the "Nucleus" Award 7: Innovative Youth Renaissance

The "Nawaat" Award for creative ideas comes to Lebanese society for the seventh year in a row, while maintaining the basic principles in the development of nationalities and peoples. The name of the prize is expressed, and since its founding in 2013, it has stimulated the core of university youth and enhanced their talents, in addition to opening the door to their individual projects.

The price is varied, runs on more than one field and on more than one level: science, technology, literature, architecture and culture. This year, she added a new topic, & # 39; Man and Environment & # 39 ;, which the head of the Nawaat association, Mohammed Khafaja, described as & # 39; the theme of the hour & # 39 ;. He emphasized the importance of the environment in Lebanon and other countries with pollution, as well as the importance of individual culture, that is, the starting point for young people to respect their environment.

It is not at the core of its national borders, but wants to develop into an international prize, after last year it brought together 600 participants from Lebanon and 300 participants from 19 countries abroad. This has prompted the parties involved to cooperate with the ministries of Environment, Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sport and with the Engineering Syndicate in Lebanon. Working with the union is based on the award of the best architectural design, in light of the absurdity of the majority of Lebanese architectural designs, which also harm the environment, and lack of original identity with the absence of studies on architecture.

The creativity and originality of the idea is the most important element in the evaluation of the annual work, which is presented to a jury of professors and specialists to first determine the accepted, then the candidate for the prize, the commission to select one winner. choose the price for each discipline.

Like all Lebanese cultural works, young people fear that their project will only be at the price limits and will not follow those involved. "There are several projects that have been followed up in recent years with the Nawaat Award, including Salam Al-Muqama, who won the Science Prize in 2016, and the Association has given him financial support to develop his project. Poetry and novels, scientific research and organizing book reception ceremonies at the annual Beirut International Book Fair. "

Nawaat Society will open its doors to youth skills in different categories from May 17 to July 31, through its website, to announce the winning projects and receive the prizes at the annual closing ceremony in mid-August. A long day with a series of workshops and seminars that will contribute to a greater commitment to the topics that will be presented during the three months, developing the current prize or motivating participants to present better projects in the coming years.

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