The Military Council imposes forced labor on officers and sergeants for the misappropriation of public funds

The Military Council imposes forced labor on officers and sergeants for the misappropriation of public funds

The Military Tribunal issued sentences ranging from a fine to hard labor for a period of 15 years against senior officers, NCOs and military personnel of the internal security forces, in addition to civilians, for the crime of misappropriating money entrusted to them to to administer and falsify official documents.

The decision of the Military Court, led by Brigadier General Munir Shehadeh, imposed five years of forced labor on the retired Brigadier General (Muhammad Q) and Lieutenant Colonel (Mahmoud Q), and the former was fined 257 million Lira and the second fined 26 million Lira and robbed them of their civil rights.

It also sentenced the Brigadier General (Nizar. N) to two years of hard labor, stripped him of his rights and fined him £ 3 million.

The ruling also imposed forced labor for a period of four years against each of the previous first qualifiers (Khaled. N), the first assistant (Bassam T), the previous first qualifier (Medhat. J) and (Ali. B – Civil ), and they were stripped of civil rights and fines ranging from three million to fifteen million pounds.

The military court ruled each of: the former qualified (Ibrahim. N.), the former first assistant (Haider. Z), the former first assistant (Hussein T.), and (obtain. G – a civilian) to three years of hard labor , losing their civil rights and a fine. Each of them has amounts ranging between £ 25 million and £ 60 million. It also sentenced retired sergeants (Charbel S.) and (Walid S. Madani) to hard labor for a period of two years, depriving their civil rights, and each fined three million pounds, and three months in prison and one fine. 200 thousand lira for the previous qualification (Bassam. S).

The court was content to fine all assistant qualification (Bishara. A), the qualified (Pierre. Kh), the former first assistant (Tanous. H), the previous qualification (Tony. H), the first qualification (Elias. . A), the qualification (George R.), The qualification (Moufid. M.), the former first sergeant (Malik J.), the first assistant (Shaher D.) and (Maroun. Z – a civilian), with amounts varying between 800 thousand pounds and one million and 400 thousand pounds.

The court rendered a judgment in absentia against the accused, who had fled the judicial authorities, the first qualified former (Nazih. PBUH), who served 15 years of forced labor, deprived him of his civil rights and executed the arrest warrant issued against him, and fined him 402 million Lebanese pounds.

These statements came four years after they were tried for the crimes’ abuse of their influence and violation of their work duties, and their misappropriation of public funds at the ISF, and they were charged with administering them, presenting false facts and forged documents. , using forged bills, manipulating sick aid bills, submitting false bills and seizing their prize. And violating military instructions. “

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