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The Palestinian government calls on the Arab countries to provide a financial safety net

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From the Constitution, on Monday April 22, 2019.

The Palestinian government reiterated its call on the Arab countries to deliver on their promises to provide a safety net to cope with the Palestinian Authority's financial crisis due to the seizure by Israel of part of the tax revenues generated by the have been collected.

At the start of the second session of the new government in Ramallah, Prime Minister Mohammad Ashtiyeh confirmed the government's willingness to implement all decisions of the central and national councils.

He added that the government stopped medical transfers to Israeli hospitals and directed the transfer of patients to hospitals in Arab countries, adding that "delegations were sent to Egypt and Jordan to study the launch of transfers to Arab countries and transfer funds to make to Israel. "

In another context, Ashtia, the decision of the Palestinian leaders to hold the Central Council, welcomed in mid-next month.
The Council condemned repeated settlements by settlers and elements of the occupation of the Al-Aqsa mosque.

He also called on countries with settlements resident to declare their presence in these settlements illegal and illegal, especially settlers and dual nationality settlers.

In another context, he expressed the solidarity of the Palestinian government with the friendly French Republic because it has not suffered one of the most prominent features of its religious and cultural heritage, and with the Republic of Sri Lanka and its people because of the pain they have suffered and the many victims.

He thanked the French position in which he criticized Israel for piracy of Palestinian funds and deductions and condemned the piracy.

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