The second after Great Britain … an Arab country allows the use of the “Pfizer” vaccine

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Today, Friday, an Arab country has authorized the emergency use of the “Covid-19” vaccine, developed by America’s “Pfizer” and “Bio-Tech” Germany, to become the second country in the world. that it adopts after the United Kingdom.

The National Authority for the Regulation of Occupations and Health Services in Bahrain has approved the use of the vaccine in emergency situations, to make it available to groups more vulnerable to coronavirus complications, including the elderly, people with chronic illnesses and other groups affected by identified by the Ministry of Health for the purpose of providing antivirus vaccines.

This was according to a study conducted by the National Authority for Regulating Professions and Health Services and the Department of Health’s vaccination committee, and in light of information provided by Pfizer about the results it has verified for the vaccine in terms of safety and efficacy, according to the Bahrain News Agency, “BNA”.

Dr. Maryam Athbi Al-Jalahma, CEO of the National Authority for Regulation of Occupations and Healthcare, said:

Intensive meetings were held to review the documents presented by the company, including production quality and safety analysis results, over the past two months.

For emergency use, authorization is granted in consultation with the manufacturer to implement various quality, safety and efficacy control measures for the vaccine, including use within a range determined by the health authorities in the Kingdom of Bahrain, determining the number of target groups, the dose and the vaccination system, in addition to monitoring and reporting adverse events and providing information that supports safety, efficacy and manufacturing. .

By allowing emergency use of the “Pfizer” vaccine, Bahrain has approved the second emergency use after the “Sinopharm” vaccine. For her part, Lindsay Ditchie, president of Gulf Group “Pfizer”, said the emergency use permit today in the Kingdom of Bahrain represents a new historic moment in the fight against the Coronavirus.

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