The vaccines are distributed free of charge to target groups vulnerable to contamination with Corona

The Minister of Health in the Transitional Government, Hamad Hassan, explained in an interview with The Independent Arabia that “two weeks ago I formed the National Committee for the Management of Corona Vaccine, and in the priority of the tasks assigned to this Committee. assigned, I prepared a calendar to help distribute the vaccine to target groups, especially those most vulnerable to the epidemic, such as health workers, the elderly and those suffering from chronic diseases.

He pointed out that “we have booked about two million vaccines with the US company” Pfizer “that will be distributed free of charge to these target groups within the plan being discussed with the company and the relevant ministerial committee to ensure a safe, effective and smooth operation. Develop a program to maintain the effectiveness of the vaccine during the process of “transportation and preservation” to What secures for citizens the vaccination of 30 percent of Lebanese society, and its price, will be determined according to the law established in the Ministry of Health.

And whether the vaccine will be optional or mandatory, the Health Minister said that “the head of preventive medicine had organized an electronic questionnaire to gauge the opinion of Lebanese citizens about their desire to use the vaccine for free or through the private sector, which would give the latter the opportunity to buy it. ” He stressed that he was striving to get the vaccine at “the best prices,” especially as he had talks and signed early, “which was a positive factor in reserving and securing the vaccine at the best prices and preventing his monopoly. in all circumstances.”

Hassan confirmed that he would facilitate the registration and import of any vaccine approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the World Health Organization (WHO), the European Medicines Agency (EMA), and other UN health organizations “to create a more encourage comprehensive community coverage of the Corona epidemic. ” .

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