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Valverde will repeat the Huesca scenario in the upcoming Barcelona match

The Lionel Messi of Barcelona performed excellent this season, as always, he is now on top of the top scorers in the Spanish league and the Golden Shoe with 34 goals and leads the Champions League with 12 goals.

Messi has been caught in the last few hours after a game with two matches against Liverpool and Barcelona to achieve an impressive three-point victory in Camp Nou, and many believe he won the Golden Ball earlier this year because there is no real competitor .

Messi will play Celta Vigo in the Palydos Stadium in Barcelona on Saturday for the 36th round of the League and the flea threw the trophy in the final round after beating Levante.

Although the game is not important to the Barça, trainer Ernesto Valverde Messi can rest and not be enchanted, but there are some figures that the Argentinian is trying to reach in the event of his participation in the game, which is as follows:

Reach goal # 50

Messi has raised his score to 48 goals in different tournaments this season, and if he scored two goals tomorrow in the game, he will be the first player in the history of European big leagues to score 50 goals or more in six different seasons.

Shorten the difference with Ronaldo

Messi has no terrifying record against Celta Vigo, unlike the other Spanish clubs. He scored 10 goals in just 15 games, although he is an excellent figure, but not so for the Argentinian star.

Celta Vigo is one of the few clubs in Spain where Cristiano Ronaldo has scored more goals than a flea, Don has 20 goals in only 13 games against Celta Vigo, who left only 3 points on the record of Real Madrid legend Alfredo Di Stefano .

Reach 40 goals in La Liga

Macy only has three games this season in La Liga and he has to score 6 goals in these games to reach the 40th goal in the tournament and increase his record in European competitions by achieving this figure in four different seasons, and his partnership with Ronaldo who did it during 3 seasons.

Loosen the stadium stadium "Palydos"

As we said, the score of Messi against Celta Vigo is not surprising, especially with regard to the games they played from the Camp Nou, where they only scored seven times in seven games and the last goal scored on this field in 2012 when the game ended with a positive draw with two goals for both.

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