“Volkswagen” unveils a small electric car at an affordable price

"Volkswagen" Unveils an electric car ...

The German car manufacturer Volkswagen is working on a new electric vehicle the size of “Polo” as part of the project to name the company “Small BEV”. And Volkswagen is developing the new car

German automaker Volkswagen is working on a new electric vehicle the size of the “Polo” as part of the project to name the company “Small BEV”.

And develop “Volkswagen” the new car in accordance with the demands of the market, as it works towards stricter standards in anticipation of climatic conditions, and that the car will cost between 20 and 25 thousand euros, which corresponds to about 30 thousand US dollars).

This price makes it more affordable than the upcoming ID.3 and ID.4 Volkswagen cars, and makes it a direct competitor to one of the upcoming “Tesla” models, which he announced at the “Battery Day” event of last September.

Volkswagen plans small electric car for the masses |  Deccan Herald

Tesla said it is making changes that would halve the cost of building battery cells for its cars, and could continue its plans to build a $ 25,000 electric vehicle within three years.

In mid-November, Volkswagen announced that it had spent a larger portion of its investment budget on the development of digital and electric vehicle technologies.

It had already planned to pump just 60 billion euros (72 billion dollars) into the development of electric and self-driving cars over the next five years, but that number has grown to 73 billion euros (86 billion dollars).

Volkswagen is in the race to produce a $ 25,000 electric car

Both larger investments and the development of an affordable electric vehicle could help the company deliver 300 EV models by 2030, as it hopes.

This comes at a time when the “Volkswagen” group is trying to mitigate the consequences of the scandal of tampering with the results of exhaust gas tests in millions of its cars powered by diesel (solar) engines in many countries of the world. , which the group recognized in the United States two years ago.

The “Volkswagen” group has announced plans to launch more than 80 new electric cars by 2025, including 50 pure electric cars and 30 hybrid cars powered by an electric motor and a conventional motor.

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