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We will achieve in the budget solutions that satisfy everyone

Prime Minister Saad Hariri emphasized that "we have a chance today, and I will not let it be lost, and those who want to lose it will take responsibility."

"There is a possibility to correct our situation, and without serious reforms there is no correction, no investment, no vacancies," he said.

Prime Minister Hariri's speech at the Sea Side Arena in Beirut was attended by a number of dignitaries and representatives of the families in Beirut.

Hariri said: "It is true that we are meeting today at the invitation of the Union of Beirut Families, but the fact is that we are all under the umbrella of one family, the Beirut family, because Beirut is the spirit of the country, and not a country without a soul, he saw that the country cannot be cured of war, if Beirut's health is not in order, and if the people of Beirut are not safe and secure, he left Beirut because this is the cornerstone of the entire country., We say to them: Beirut is the spirit of the country and the whole country is in Beirut and work is being done on all people from all regions. "

"Beirut, like all Lebanese people, is waiting for what the government will do in the financial and economic situation, people are afraid of their livelihood, there are people who are afraid of their income, but there are young men and women in the thousands who waiting for a light door to work in the country. The past did not encourage many people to trust the country because there were many promises and the implementation of promises was not true. "

"You know how they blocked President Rafik Hariri's work and what happened after Paris 1, Paris 2 and Paris 3 … Rafik Hariri took care of the business and told the international community: I am the guarantor." an opportunity to correct our situation, and without serious reforms there is no correction, no investment, no vacancies. "

"We all hear economic theories on television every day and everyone understands the economy, the Lebanese pound and the infrastructure projects, we know where the country is and what the problems we encounter in the economy are, so we all have to work to get out of this economic situation because we already have a chance, we say we want to get the hang of it and reduce costs, but at the same time there is the Cedar project, where there is $ 12 billion in infrastructure … Someone thinks our infrastructure is in "On the one hand, and on the other hand to implement these projects, they create jobs between 30 and 50 thousand jobs a year."

He emphasized to the public: "We are in this budget, we will find solutions that satisfy everyone, and if everyone feels that he has sacrificed today, but what we are asking is a period. We are not saying that we will look for it for ten years , knowing that there are countries around us, Comes from the economic crisis and couldn't get out after six and seven years. "

I am always honest with you, the people of Beirut and the Federation of the Families of Beirut, whose father, the Father of God, were merciful to you, and we will move forward together and it can be difficult these days, "he said. But in the coming days, after the approval of the budget, things will be better and better, just like God willing, because we have arrived at the place that we must reach as a state and government and after Sidr and all his projects There is a lot of intimidation in the country, General Michel Aoun, confirmed yesterday that the pound is good, and I assure you that the pound is good because we have The Governor of the Banque du Liban, Riad Salameh, works hard and we all have to work together, there is no political team that can do the country alone, everyone comes out today, holds press conferences and & # 39; stresses and criticizes & # 39; the country, but I assure you that Saad Neither Hariri nor any team alone can land h but we all have to stand up against Lebanon, just like the grace of the martyr Rafik Hariri. "

"Thank you for this breakfast and for your presence, and this government will, if God wants, be a government to work, and we'll start working if God wants it."

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