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What happens in the Phalange party?

Asaad Amira, Abdullah Risha and Shadi Maarbes presented their resignation at the Politburo of the Phalange party. A loud message from the party was the result of many accumulations and errors in which the party took place and led to what led to it especially during the recent parliamentary elections. . Number of delegates.

The sources indicated that this step came as a step on the path of political and partisan before the elections, especially in terms of alliances, as well as the existence of a major imbalance in the management of elections, in terms of politics or governance , which led to the loss of the party.

But after the big loss party leader Sami Gemayel promised the members of the political office a thorough assessment. After about seven months there is a conviction among a group of parties that the party leader is not busy with change or accountability.

Despite the formation of fact-finding committees to find the reason for this imbalance in the election and to join the al-Ahliyah party immediately after the elections when two committees were formed: the first to investigate the problem of administrative imbalance that happened, but seven months after the election did not inform the Political Bureau about his findings. The question of the results of investigations at the meetings of the political office often remained unanswered.

However, the problems did not stop at this point, according to the source, but what made matters worse is to close the date of the party's founding conference and to work on the renewal of all party leaders and officers without justification to talk about what raises a lot of question marks among a group of leaders who were refilled in a "cooked" way.

The source said: "Our step came as a major interceptor in the party, especially that the party that ultimately resigned from the party was at the center of the decision, without the goal of achieving a return, but a shift in the party. and political path tried to achieve, A corrective goal is not to get any kind of damage.

While the press reported frustration among other members who considered their choices in the manner of their comrades in the party, the source hoped that there would be a corrective move by the party leadership to return to past mistakes and led to the range of the party.

It was not long before a dispute arose between the presidency and parliament member Nadim Gemayel about alliances in trade union elections, as well as the major objections that had arisen within the party since the deputy Sami Gemayel received the helm, which raises many questions about the need for policy of the party and the general alliances under the leadership of the party, especially because the party has become lonely, and the reforms that become very weak in the light of the crises that are presented to them.

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