14 years in prison for the Lebanese … The removal of the nails of a child and his body and the burning of his body with a cigarette!

Most of Paraguay's adults, who came to power as the president on August 15, yesterday had the last session of a famous trial, especially for another Lebanese, who had followed his story with nerves since their arrest in December 2016, their conscience and shaking feelings. He was sentenced to 14 years in prison yesterday, denied any appeal and amnesty for any reason, as he tortured a 16-month-old child in a brutal and phased manner.

Ali Fu & # 39; ani, born in 1991 in Beirut and living in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, near the southern border of Brazil, spent a month carrying the child's body with a cigarette, pulling the nails from one of his hands off, bit at some places in his flesh, hit him and kicked him Al-Arabiya.net summarizes his crime, which collected information from local media in Paraguay, where he left for the mazes of Brazil, and left an international arrest warrant, followed by INTERPOL for almost three weeks.

Armed with the excuse that he swallowed cocaine

Fawani surrendered in January last year to Paraguay, who had a lawsuit against him. His trial began in July 2017, when three judges took his case.

The judges rejected the request of his ten-year-old Lebanese lawyer, Christian Touma, armed with cocaine and under his influence every time he tortured a child whose 17-year-old mother was also known as a cocaine addict and a mistress for al-Foani . Months in Ciudad del Este in her country Paraguay. However, the judges raised his lawyer's request for 4 years and made his sentence so extreme that the prison staff would not leave for Lebanon, but he was at least 41 years old.

Every time Ali al-Fawani emigrated to Paraguay for almost eight years, he fought with his girlfriend or the mother of the child. He beat her and threatened to kill him when she told someone about his abuse of him and her, and then tortured him. for her.

But the worst crime was on December 20, 2016. In particular, some of him beat him and burned him in the body with a cigarette he was smoking. His mother was shivering in a corner of the room and did not say a word. Then he grabbed a few of his fingernails from his fingers and promised to kill her again. If she has opened her mouth for someone.

He used his absence to help the unconscious child to ask her neighbor, who was taken to the hospital. Doctors could save him. In the video, the people in the session are also angry and cheering.

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