752 Syrian refugees have returned home today

The Directorate-General of Lebanese General Security has announced that the number of displaced Syrians who left voluntarily on Lebanese territory today returned to their homes and cities in Syria reached 752 internally displaced people living in different areas of Lebanon.

Lebanese public security said in a statement that the IDPs had left Lebanon via the border crossings with Syria (the factory, Aboudiya and Zumrani) to Syrian territory with buses that the Syrian authorities had provided for this purpose, from 9 points for the meeting, Up to the Lebanese-Syrian border.

He confirmed that he coordinated with the UNHCR and the presence of his delegates during the process of ensuring the voluntary return of this group of displaced persons to Syria.

For approximately three months, Lebanese public security has worked on the voluntary return of Syrian refugees who are ready to return to their cities in Syria, in coordination with the UNHCR, to register names and numbers and to make arrangements with the Syrian security authorities about their return in stages and stages. consecutive.

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