A close personality of President Aoun for the Republic: thinking that the president can bow to formulas that he only rejects illusion

"I am president of the republic or not," she said, noting that "in the time of the presidential vacuum, many were of the opinion that Aoun's arrival at the Baabda Palace was the seventh of the impossible and that the man would eventually being forgiven, accepting the status quo and being convinced that his pathway was stagnating. "At that time many people also thought aloud, to seriously go to option B, by choosing a second person for the position of the first presidency.

She explained that "think of option" B ", not only to those who are outside the house, Awni or orange, but that they have taken part by some of those who are in this house, but without leaking what is outside this house After a long period of presidential vacancy, there was a conviction in the country that General Aoun hoped he would not go to the presidential palace and that many people thought about how they could persuade Aoun to withdraw and return. Aoun is a satisfying solution for him, he says, and he chooses a person who wants it for the presidency. & # 39;

The personal commented that "the interesting thing is that none of these friends dared to approach Aoun with this idea, but no one ever happened, at the height of the presidential vacuum, a group in the" near ocean. "And it was necessary to find a solution and a way out of this crisis One of the "close co-workers" was a step that was not expected at all and was considered a very qualitative step.On one of the very special sessions he started a daring proposal for Aoun, B ", because we are not out of the presidential battle, but as a precaution we start from now to make a puddle If we do not agree with the option" A ", that is, the election of General Aoun as the president of the republic, this personality will be ready. "

She explained that "this idea was a surprise to Aoun, and even refused to discuss the origin of the idea, just to see it in its place and went very seriously to the owner of the idea:" This lecture says that I do not want to hear from you. "He was told what he should do as" I am either a president or not a president. "

"What happened at that very special meeting at that time was the closest ally of General Aoun, Hezbollah, who fought the generals struggle to the end of his range." The party slept on this information, but it was confirmed that it served the general. By the deputy secretary general of Hezbollah, Sheikh Naim Kassem, during a party ceremony in which he said what his craftsmanship was. "The other team has two options: either the election of the head of the reform and the change block is General Michel Aoun, or the vacuum for an indefinite period."

The character explained that "the imposition of disclosure of this novel, the series comic is on the line of authorship, there has been a deliberate rotation in the same ring since the beginning of the author's discussion, and trying to play an old game to play on the government line, a game that has been lost in advance, "reveal that" Our information confirms that they are gambling that President Aoun can not continue his stance towards the dams, and decided to use the President of the Republic to play, and that the later time will feel the greatest damage to the covenant,, And accepted by the government They want. "

She stressed that "on the basis of our good knowledge of the President of the Republic and how he thinks, and based on certain information we have, there is no place to withdraw, the presidential struggle was the most difficult fight that he fought and did not retreat despite the frontal intercepts internally and externally when he came to the presidency. The line of authorship is barely measured in the face of the previous fight. "

It is essentially the struggle of authorship, and is still raging under the sole title of gratification to the Lebanese armed forces party, intentionally or unintentionally giving this title "forces" the right "The veto" and the ability to provide the conditions that you see dictate, and the nominee premier has not deviated from this address, so that in his last draft submitted to the President of the Republic renounced the "forces" of a pocket of his share, perhaps this initiative is accepted by the president of the republic, submitted to him because of their imbalance, and the exclusive ministers of the state without having a share Minister of state. & # 39;

The personal commented that "apart from the character of Aoun and his supporters at the main stations, there is a clear conflict between the" Lebanese Armed Forces "and" Free Patriotic Movement ", the face of this Annie conflict, but the essence of my future. , specifically about who later leads the Christian arena.

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