The alliance "Watani" criticized the letter of the threat of Captain Sayadi, the port of Doura, to MP Paula Yacoubian on behalf of delegates of various power parties who had eaten fish in the area to ensure that the landfill sites that besieged the fishing port did not have any polluted effects sea ​​water.

A national coalition said in a statement that Yacoubian "is leading a scientific and artistic campaign of national conscience and is backed by its" national "alliance for a clean environment, clean sea, pollution of expanding landfills and the Holocaust project, that pollution in the air and the environment will increase. Thousands of generators have already been deployed in the capital.

The "Watani" alliance, which was not surprised by the actions of the Authority's delegates because they always put their own interests on the interests of the population and the environment, condemns this time-honored policy, which almost turns Lebanon into a landfill after it has become a farm.

He also confirms his support to MP Yacoubian against all forms of threats against him, and will more than ever insist on MK Yacoubian in addressing the policy of expanding landfills and preventing the implementation of the Holocaust deal, and will do not let it pass. For the thousandth time we have confirmed that the scientific, economic and non-polluting environment for waste is the sorting of the source, the recovery of organic waste and the recycling of solid waste. "