A new generation of hundreds of Syrian refugees left Lebanon voluntarily from Syria

Hundreds of Syrian refugees departed Monday in a new batch from different Lebanese areas to their cities and villages in Syria, Lebanese sources said.

This group of refugees comes back under coordinated arrangements with the Syrian authorities under the supervision and organization of Lebanese public security.

The Syrian refugees left certain assembly points in South Lebanon, the eastern Bekaa, the northeast and the suburbs of Beirut by buses that were secured by the Syrian authorities, accompanied by the general security patrols and the Lebanese army.

A source at the Lebanese Red Cross said that "his ambulance teams provided medical assistance to dozens of displaced people, especially children."

Ambulances equipped with returnees were also escorted to border crossings in the north and in the central and northern Bekaa at the request of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the source said.

Nada Hamad, an official from the Ministry of Health in Hasbaya, south of Lebanon, told Xinhua that he vaccinated returning displaced children, in addition to vaccinating some of the older returnees for their health.

At a starting point in the southern Lebanese town of Nabatiyeh, the displaced Samer Ahmadi and his five-family family greeted the public security of the country and the assistance with return.

"The return of displaced persons is increasing in this period before the start of the school year," said Hassan Abu Dahlami, a displaced person returning to the Aleppo countryside, and thanked Lebanon and his people for the host country.

At the starting point of the Rashid Krami International Fair in Tripoli, the largest city in northern Lebanon, Syrian refugee Mahmoud Qashash said that he and his family of five have been living in Lebanon for almost seven years.

"We left the city of Aleppo after my house was destroyed and today I have decided to return and stay with my relatives until my house is reconstructed," he said.

"I decided to return with my three children and my wife to our city, and there we will not spend any resources to manage our lives and rebuild our house," said Mahmoud Omar al-Samman, a refugee from Homs, central Syria .

This is the 12th voluntary repatriation of Syrian refugees since last April.

Lebanon, according to its authorities, has about one and a half million Syrian refugees.

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