A treasurer stole 600 million lire

The Directorate-General of the Internal Security Forces Department, Public Relations, made the following statement:

Around 22:00 on 16/08/2018 a house belonging to a female citizen was attacked in the Al-Maniya area in the north. It was claimed that an unknown person was convicted of stealing a small safe with about 53 million liters. And different currencies in addition to a number of checks, documents and private papers, estimated at about (600) million ..

In less than 10 hours, and as a result of investigations, investigations and a thorough follow-up, the information division of the internal security forces could identify the suspect with the robbery and arrest him at the Mania /

P. D. (Born in 1986, Syrian)
He grabbed $ 3850 and 400,000 ll.

The interrogator admitted what he was accused of and took the money from the treasury and threw it, including documents and checks in the seawater.

His house was looked up for 35 million ll and $ 280 and a war pistol of the hysterical type.

The detainee was filed with the competent court and the amount was transferred to the owner.

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