A woman raises a lot of controversy after crossing the crowds at the Beirut airport and directly on her way to the plane

The most important and latest news from Saudi Arabia – Saudi News Today Witness: Woman raises controversy after overcrowding at the airport in Beirut and goes directly to the plane .. So is the Lebanese security

A video of a woman who drove directly to the aircraft ladder with her child was taken with a private car at Beirut airport, while the airport, as usual, is currently witnessing a stifling storm, after the visit of many Lebanese expats. to their Eid al-Adha holiday, the airport is heavy. The video, which showed the woman's offense of all the stations the traveler had to go through, angry activists on the Twitter social networking site, which prompted Lebanese security to issue a press release explaining the conditions of the video .

The security said that what appeared in the video clip is a service that at the request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is delivered by the airport to some characters or for a material fee, which indicates that there is a VIP at Rafik Hariri International Airport. salon, a presidential salon, a salon and a salon. He added: "The Presidential Salon and the Honor are opened by telegrams from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Prime Ministers, Ministers, Deputies and Directors-General), and everyone can use the salute bonus for a salary of 500 thousand Lebanese pounds.

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