Abandoned Di & # 39; ashi & # 39; s plan to target Lebanese army checkpoints and a church

Issue No. 10730 Saturday, August 25, 2018 corresponds to 14 Dhu al-Hijjah 1439

The Lebanese security forces have countered a terrorist plot by a Lebanese man for Daash, which was focused on elements and barriers of the Lebanese army in Northern Lebanon and focused on a church with a suicide attack.
A statement from the Directorate General of the Lebanese Internal Security Forces said on Friday that "in the context of preventive and proactive security operations carried out by the information department of the internal security forces, in terms of monitoring the activities of terrorist cells, particularly those in connection with the terrorist organization, The identity of a Lebanese person who is owned by Da & # 39; ash is identified and is in contact with persons in Syria who belong to the organization.
In an interview with the detainee it was revealed that the detainee was asked to stop going to Syria and work for a sympathetic organization in Lebanon. He told him that the work would be to carry out terrorist operations against the Lebanese army and elements in the north and that he would secure a weapon of war and an explosive belt, For the need to work, and from Syria through "Valley Khaled", and asked the detainee – according to the statement – to direct a church to a operation, if he could.

Source: Beirut – (dpa):

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