Abdullah al-Alayli, the lexicographer & # 39; which has been abandoned for decades

It is possible to say that Abdullah Al-Alayli did not read so much until his departure. The revolution he has followed in the field of Arabic has not been heard for decades. Perhaps this situation makes the man, nicknamed "Farkd al-Hadad", a clear example of ignoring the intellectual in his time and then making use of it later in life.

It is ironic that, only 59 years after the publication of his first edition, there is a second edition of his reference book "Introduction to the Arabic language and the placing of the new dictionary" (written at the age of 24); Appeared a few months after his departure in 1997, in a second edition of his book.

This was part of a project that the House launched in 1992 to republish its entire work, starting in the same year with the book "Where is the error? Corrective concepts and an appearance of innovation," in which ten "fatwa & # 39; s "were about issues that were considered" contemporary challenges ".

His lighting views in the 1970s caused criticism from radical circles

After the first publication in 1978 of the House of Knowledge for the Millions & # 39; the work in radical circles generated a wave of criticism because of his clarifying views. It called for re-reading of Islamic law as a "modern and enlightened reading." Perhaps the most prominent anti-blood positions of Saudi Arabia, which attempted to prevent its circulation, did not buy all copies of the markets, but put pressure on them to prevent reissue.

Previously, Sheikh's positions had cost him the loss of the Lebanese Republic's Mafti post, which ran for him in 1952 because of the campaign against him against the background of his illumination views.

In addition to the two previous books, Dar al-Jadid has re-published other works from the 1930s and 1970s with remarkable care, such as: "Their high example: Khadija", "Scenes and stories from the days of the prophecy": "Criticism and analysis "," Unintentional introductions of a good lesson in understanding Arabic history "," Al-Maari: The Unknown: A Journey in his Thought and its Psychological World, "" The Arab National Constitution, "" Hussein. "

Maybe it's & # 39; lexicon & # 39; the main books Alayeli, who have re-edited the house, a "linguistic encyclopedia of scientific art", as we read in the subtitle. The first edition appeared in 1945, on Dar al-Mu & ajam, which was founded by Suhail Yammout and Al-Alayli himself, who left about thirty authors in the field of language, jurisprudence, criticism, thoughts and history.

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