Aborted drug smuggling from Brazil at Rafic Hariri airport

The Lebanese internal security services succeeded on Saturday to prevent the smuggle of roughly 60 kilos of raw cocaine from Brazil to Lebanon via Rafic Hariri International Airport and arrested one of the main suspects.The Internal Security Department said today in a statement: "information available to the Central Drug Control Office of the judicial police unit for smuggling a large amount of cocaine, professionally and innovatively concealed in packaging of" shampoo "and cosmetics, brand name of a worldwide brand, To Lebanon via Rafic Hariri International Airport. "

The statement added that "as a result of monitoring and prosecution, which lasted four months, the identity and arrest of one of the most important involved in the case, by this office."

The statement added that the Office of Drugs Control, "in coordination with the Lebanese customs at the airport, the amount of weight of 101 kg, that is 98 plastic bottles capacity of the packaging 1000 ml brand of one of the international brands, and contains 61% (about 60 kg of unprocessed cocaine) with a value of about 3 million US dollars, and the packages mentioned fall within the number of pounds of shampoos and cosmetics with the same brand.

The investigation is under the supervision of the competent judiciary, according to the statement "and the work continues to reveal the rest of the people involved"

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