About the pollution areas of the sea .. This is what & # 39; health & # 39; from the Department of Energy

The public information office of the Ministry of Health made the following statement: "Recent studies have been carried out by official and non-official bodies with regard to the pollution of seawater in Lebanon., Law 77/2018, in particular Articles 27, 26 , 28 and 32, The control of the quality of surface, groundwater, coastal and explosive water is the responsibility of the Ministry of Energy and Water, since pollution can lead to damage to the health of lifeguards, it is important to to officially identify contaminated beaches and to warn citizens to visit.

That is why the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health Ghassan Hasbani sent a letter to the Ministry of Energy and Water asking for the Ministry of Health to be informed of the results of his periodic investigations on the validity of the director's conflicting studies. -general of the department of agricultural research. Michel Afram and the Secretary-General of the National Council for Scientific Research, to prevent civilians from swimming in polluted water for the safety of their health.

It should be noted that some studies may not be based on scientific criteria, so it must be the competent reference which ultimately determines the quality of water and takes the necessary measures to correct it.

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