Abrams and Jasmine abuses in the Qur'an appeal to the Public Prosecutor to act and demand from the President of the Republic that he incite the trumpets of sedition.

The views and opinions of the Holy Quran and the true and true religion of Islam were expressed by the president of the Syrian League Habib Afram and by the presenter George Yasmin in an interview in the program "Today & # 39; s Dialogue" broadcast by the OTV channel of the president. The Republic of Michel Aoun.

What happens in that offensive interview? The host of the program, George Yasmin, started the question by raising the issue of equality and minorities, as minorities are the basis of the country. He said: "Yaley Ijou, after the foundation of the country and reigned under certain circumstances." Syriac Habib Afram, similar to Muslims Jews Zionists who consider themselves the people of "chosen by God", to draw the Quranic verse 110 of Al-Imran [كنتم خير أمة أُخرجت للناس], Ask yourself: "What does this mean? In a nation better than a nation?", Noting that it "must be explained, because all human beings are equal." To complete the media George Yasmin provocative words that to remember the meaning of the Qur'an itself 139 [لا تهنوا ولا تحزنوا وأنتم الأعلون]- pointing out that he mentions it incorrectly – and said "the Koran on our heads and eyes, but there is a verse that says [ولا تهنوا (ولا تحزنوا) وأنتم الأعلون] These are parallels, "says Afram. Of all the constitutions of this region there is no equality, no matter how diverse the regimes are. "

Avram and Jasmine have therefore exceeded their limits, including:

1 – they treated a religiously religious jurisprudent subject of their concept of the wrong and unable to understand the reality of the Quranic text, the meanings of the Arabic language and the ignorant of the backgrounds of the reasons for the descent of the verses and events that led to it.

2 – the imposition of axes and the opinion of guests about the viewers without there being any clarity about the reality of the concept of these verses and indications or meanings intended, or to make contact with the parties involved to clarify the matter, and appointed himself to interpreters and lawmakers without knowledge of it.

3 – resemblance of the Muslim Aphram Jews Zionists in the superiority of people, and the consequent direct accusation of the safe peaceful terrorism of Muslims committed by the Zionists who occupy Jews against the Arabs and Islamic and Christian holiness in occupied Palestine and others.

The meeting did not go smoothly and caused a major storm of reactions to social networking sites where politicians, religious scholars and members of the Supreme Islamic Shari'a Council and activists participated. They called on the security and judicial authorities to take immediate action to put an end to such serious violations that affect civil peace. Touch religions and beliefs and blasphemy of the divine.

In this context, the head of the Karameh movement, a member of the National Bloc Member of Parliament, Faisal Karami, issued a precedent that he was the first official to object to the interview. "24 hours after Mr. Habib Afram spoke in a television interview with George Jasmine through the OTV channel, without any comment or position of religious scholars except from the lap of my Lord, we are amazed at this shameful silence, which would result in civil disobedience if Afram's speech overpowered the political figure or spiritual father of our leading scientists. »

He added: "Because the stakeholders have given up their duty to respond and explain what has happened in our Qur'an, I am responsible to God for clarifying any confusion with knowledge and knowledge, [كنتم خير أمة أخرجت للناس تأمرون بالمعروف وتنهون عن المنكر وتؤمنون بالله، ولو آمن أهل الكتاب لكان خيرا لهم، منهم المؤمنون وأكثرهم الفاسقون]Yes, a nation that demands virtue and forbids evil and believes in God is the best nation, and whoever is different, the nation is innocent of it, [ولا تهنوا ولا تحزنوا وأنتم الأعلون إن كنتم مؤمنين]The superiority is the attribute of the most dear God of the Muslims in the battle for one, so as not to weaken the tyranny of the unbelievers, when God preached the blessings of bliss, the punishment of Jihad and testimony, provided that they believers. Oh God, I have achieved what I have learned and do not claim complete knowledge, but perfection from God.

He continued: "To question Mr. Afram's exposure to our Qur'an and his message, to break any basis for friendship, nor the persecution, ministry or rule of the whole world will compensate us for a reward from the Lord of the Worlds. .

"A member of the future block member Walid Al-Barini warned in a tweet on his account via Twitter that" the Holy Quran and all beliefs of heavenly religions are not a matter of media gossip. "He stressed that" what happened is unacceptable and condemned and unleashes the Lebanon struggle, ".

Al-Barini added: "Let's keep our homeland and move the spiritual references and the Ministry of Information in controlling the discourse and the screens."

"Former MP Ammar Houry said in a tweet to him via his Twitter account:" What Habib Faram has said is dangerous, suppressed, condemned and inflamed sedition, because exposure to the Holy Quran in absolute terms is a red line, and he must apologize and withdraw. "

The secretary general of the future movement, Ahmed Hariri, told Faram and Yasmin in a tweet via Twitter: "You have discussed some verses of the Holy Quran during an interview at the OTV station, without their deep meaning and holiness for the to understand Muslims, is condemned and rejected .. Fear of God ».

"The Association of Islamic Scholars in Lebanon has issued a statement calling on the Public Prosecutor to consider the words of Avram and Jasmine as" against tampering with truths, abuse of the divine spirit, contempt of the Islamic religion, and provocation of sectarianism. " twisting. "President Michel Aoun demanded that" the trumpets of his successor be attacked against Islam and the Koran. "

Habib Afram

After all this, Habib Afram, head of the Syrian federation, explained the following: "In order to avoid misunderstandings, distortions or exploitation, I never claimed that I would meet on OT television." In the context of the media George Yasmin for every change in the Quran, I can not name it, I understand the sanctity of the Muslims' text and respect it, I spoke about the interpretation of one verse not to understand that there is no one better than one, in the context of Mnadati thought full respect for equality Citizenship and the right of every person and every group. "

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