After rounds of heavy battles .. Mia and Mia are waiting for H battalions

The peace of the Palestinian refugee camp Miyya and Miyya took place after a week of fighting between Fatah and Ansar Allah, led by Jamal Suleiman, who reminded the scenes of the security chaos, Fragile about the prospects for the overthrow of security and stability when the interests of some require this.

The skirmishes emphasized the threat of Christians living in the villages of East Sidon and the repetition of the relocation scenario during the Lebanese war, after the grenades reached the city of Miyya and Mieh, bordering the camp with the Christian majority. As they dealt with the Hezbollah and Amal movement, camp residents believed that stopping the shelling would not prevent the return of skirmishes if the reasons were still present.

The camp is no longer than 700 meters long and 600 meters wide and has always been characterized by security with the presence of the Lebanese army and control of its newcomers and keeping the situation in order. A resident of the camp told Asharq Al-Awsat that "the Palestinians of the Ain al-Hilweh camp (east of Sidon in the south) mock the people of Miyama for their stay in a camp on a hill overlooking the sea, south-east of Sidon, the majority of them live in a quiet environment and have good relations with the inhabitants of the city of Miyya and Mieh.The surroundings of the camp did not bother her, even when Jamal Suleiman and his organization Ansar Allah broke through , undermine its stability and instill the fear among its inhabitants.

"We hope that what happened between Fatah and Ansar Allah will not be repeated," said Sheikh Maher Hammud, a Sunni clergyman near Hezbollah. "The pressure on both sides is very large, and the arguments on which Fatah was based were removed: the camp is small and does not tolerate such battles going on.

A source of fate, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Asharq Al-Awsat that the Fatah troops had reached the building where Jamal Suleiman lives. And became a military precipitate, through which Hezbollah and Hamas quickly intervened until the fire ceased. "A Fatah delegation visited Sheikh Maher Hamoud and informed him about the truth and revealed that Hamas and Islamic Jihad provided him with incorrect information about the events in the camp, and he promised to have high-level contacts with the party. ;

The source added that the Fateh delegation provided evidence that Suleiman, which is financed by Hezbollah and provides him with weapons and equipment, a "rush". in Ein al-Hilweh finances and provides them with weapons, money and equipment. He said: "The delegation asked the party's meeting: if you fight in Syria, how do you support those they finance in Lebanon? He certainly embarrassed the party and promised to end the situation by Suleiman of the" Mieh and Mieh "and terminate the status of" Ansar Allah "to limit their presence in the Ein el-Hilweh camp, and Fatah is still waiting for the party to fulfill her promise." Jamal Suleiman is still in We learned that after the ceasefire a weapon arrived and that the houses of Hamas elements and officials in Miyya and Miyya were evacuated and that hunters of the movement were ambushed and joined Suleiman in the fight against Fatah, four of whom were trapped, Lebanese security, one of them a high Hamas agent. "

"From the beginning, the secretary-general of the organization, Jamal Suleiman, was to control the camp and to impose themselves as a political figure," the Fatah source told Asharq Al-Awsat. He is supported by Islamic factions in confronting the Fatah movement and has become one of the rapporteurs in the camp. It caused a year and a half skirmishes and damage to Fatah ».

"The events were instigated by uncontrolled elements of Fatah," said Sheikh Hamoud. "The leadership reacted to us, things became clear to the two teams, especially after Hezbollah intervened after our efforts with the Amal movement and brought forward the idea that Jamal Suleiman would leave the camp, but what happened was better: the party vowed to radically end the situation and address its causes, not literally saying that he would bring Jamal Suleiman out of the camp. & # 39;

The Fatah source reveals that "the story did not start with recent events." Two months ago the information division arrested the deputy Suleiman Mahmoud Hamad on suspicion of trying to assassinate the intelligence officer at the embassy of Palestine Ismail Shroof in 2017. Sources say he was involved in serious safety files almost equal to the former minister Michel Samaha, in collaboration with Ali Mamluk, who is described as the mastermind of (Ansar Allah) ».

While the Lebanese and Palestinians demand that the army enter the camp, a former military commander told Asharq Al-Awsat that "the army holds the outer edge of the camp from outside and the entry is not carried out by a normal sequence of operations. to control safety, a political decision is required, both regional and international, there is a security committee in the camp that coordinates with the intelligence services of the army, and they are familiar with the situation, but implementation is the responsibility of the Palestinians. & # 39;

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