Al-Barini: a major environmental disaster on Nahr al-Bared and its lakes

MP Walid al-Bareini toured the area between Wadi Nahr al-Bared, aware of the magnitude of the environmental disaster that struck the lake of fish eyes after it had turned into something like a landfill.

Al-Bareini began his tour of the irrigation dam at the Al-Bared Electricity Company water factory and he was informed about the dam's reality and the problems it encounters, both in terms of lack of water and in case of delayed rainfall, or even pollution caused by the accumulation of waste. He then moved to the area overlooking the electricity company Bared near the Islamic orphanage, inspecting the work carried out by the Union of Municipalities of Central and the coast of Qaita to keep this area free of pollution and waste, to go to the area of ​​Dahr al-Hussein to go in the remote cities of New Caita, The waste of the city of Adwa in the area of ​​Al-Dniyeh directly on the banks of Nahr al-Bared.

Then he went to the area where he listened to the complaints of the people and their development and the need to pay attention to this tourist area and to remove the damage. He toured with the people on the bridge of the dam and looked at the grim reality and its pollution.

After the tour, Al-Barini emphasized the steps the Union of Municipalities of the Central and Al-Qaita Municipalities took to preserve the natural and natural resources in the area within its geographical reach. He wished all municipalities and federations of the municipalities of the region is taking similar steps within their geographical reach and working hard to preserve all of our water resources. And of course. "What happens on the banks of Nahr al-Bared and in the water dams is regrettable," he said. "It is unfortunate that only the relevant ministries who are supposed to be present for this scene can bear responsibility." Also, the responsibility of some citizens who put off waste without distinction, without deterrence, I do not care what God gives us the beauty of our region and natural wealth and the extent of damage to people, trees and stone.

He wished the relevant authorities of the ministries of energy, environment and health, "bearing in mind this issue and not lagging behind, because what Nahr al-Bared and his lakes will see is a major environmental disaster that will harm everyone." The problem must stop the conscience of civil servants and quickly solve this problem before agreeing The government of the initiative and the salvation of these natural resources. "

He said: "Many medical reports today talk about the spread of cancer in different regions, especially in the vicinity of random waste dumps, and therefore the lack of rapid action and the problem will address and leave the region without follow-up. and the direct attention of the relevant authorities and ministries in particular to increase the spread of epidemics. "This issue requires a major national renaissance and the joint effort of all to put an end to this disaster and the spread of diseases and epidemics, and work to close all random landfills, especially near the rivers and tributaries and the conservation of water resources. "

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