"Al-Basha": This is my story with Al-Yarzeh Group

The army's order awaits the appointment of a new defense minister. The name of the newcomer in the & # 39; military world & # 39; and his partisan identity are of the utmost importance, but not of & # 39; getting rid of & # 39; of the current Defense Minister Yacoub Sarraf, just because he is fit to be Minister of Defense in Switzerland or Norway!

Certainly, the counter can impose his "orders" on the elements of the Ashbal camp, the discipline of the Free Patriotic Movement, in which he participated and held a few days ago in Phetodar, more than in the Ministry of Defense.

From the beginning the & # 39; chemistry & # 39; not built between Defense Minister Awni and army commander General Joseph Aoun. The two men are the product of a personal recommendation from President Michel Aoun, but apart from a long road of coordination and cooperation, and often "titans" between defense ministers and successive army leaders, the relationship between the narrator and Aoun took the "cold war" to Minister Gebran Bassil to stop.

The cashier prepares to quickly leave the office of the Ministry of Defense and is in a difficult dispute with the head of the army. Those who attended the celebration of the army day on 1 August and the continuation of the & # 39; minister & # 39; and & # 39; The General & # 39; followed, realized that the dispute was too big for the few days left by the nurturing government to & skating & # 39; or solve.

It is difficult to block the "shadows" of the dispute between the two men. The walls of the larvae say a lot, but the double concern not to spread the "Gefah" oil spill between the parties broke in the last days of the government.

Known as the «traditional» sensibility between the defense ministers and the commanders of armies. Is the issue of power and the imposition of prestige between the Minister of Guardianship and the army command, who is subject to his authority in accordance with the text of the Legislative Decree 102, in addition to all the institutions of the Ministry of Defense, the General Inspection, the Military Council and the Directorate-General of the Department.

Those who came from the same political stadium were supposed to form a harmonious team, but the reality was different. It has reached the point of total decoupling between the minister and the army commander months ago, despite the few meters between their offices. The two men met during a business trip abroad to participate in the "Conference of Rome" but did not meet during the days of the conference!

The attack by former Minister Wa & # 39; im Wahhab on the army was a matter of political controversy weeks ago, especially since it is known for its media & # 39; and sometimes & # 39; parachute & # 39 ;.

Three days after Wahhab's attack on the army, the defense minister said he had sent a letter to the army requesting him to respond to charges against the military, specifically for the purchase of new police cars. value of $ 30 million. "I have to understand what happens to defend the army.

In the book, the narrator asks for a table with the civil and Muslim mechanisms in the army to deposit in terms of type, number and production date, as well as the need to replace them as soon as possible. "We need to replace all mechanisms that have been in service for more than five years, especially those set by the conduct of the commanders of the military units," he said.

No reply has been received to the minister's cabinet since July 23, knowing that the army's command later, after days of dispatching the counter's book, Wahab refers to the competent authorities through the minister's office. to do the legal requirement and to be regarded as news.

Al-Sarraf confirmed in his offices that he was the initiator to ask for clarification from the management to answer the former minister's accusations, "as I am absent from all decisions that take the lead." This scene reflects part of a deeper crisis that took place during the term of office of the Minister of Defense in Yarze.

After only a few weeks of his appointment, the cashier, acting on direct instructions from the President of the Republic, laid down a plan that did not see the light that encompassed all aspects of the work in the military enterprise, but the defense minister said managed to impose his "spirituality" in some dossiers as a tender, Military, knowing that he still has doubts about the possibility to build a new hospital and to adopt a new work structure and is transparent "as long as the waste is suitable is for many of the beneficiaries of this reality »!

The plan includes various aspects, including the defense strategy for the development of coded communication, Cyber ​​Force, civil action in the military, international agreements, the reorganization of the army, the return of compulsory military service, education and private services within the army ( jobs for all sectors,), Military courts, Real estate, Armaments, Tendering, Pension system, Housing projects, Education, Employment of pensioners, End of service benefits, Budgeting, Enrollment …

In his cabinets, the Minister of Defense says that he was deeply injustice while exercising his powers. "This was not the case in the era of Jean Kahwagi, the former army commander." He defends himself by accusing him of "stopping and freezing transactions" and adopting a hard "When licensing weapons, and" ant ant "in transactions that have to be resolved quickly …

Al-Sarraf claims that more than 1,000 arms licenses have been signed by the "Yarzeh Group" alone, that is, applications filed by the commander's office and the rest of the officers, and only those who are suspected stopped, confirming that no more than 15 transactions have been signed in one and a half years. Army action!

His signature, on the other hand, is often blocked for transactions that have reached his office, "which is within his axiom powers," he says, after he was convinced of not signing it. But above all, he does not disrupt the work of the army and does not hinder his productivity, as some try to generalize. These climates. "

The cashier can not absorb the amount of hostility he experienced during his work in the ministry. He has always told his family that he is banned in his political work and in his personal life: curse religion and lie. He seems to have discovered an integrated system of false philosophies that is his work and his & # 39; clean & # 39; and influence transparent behavior, as he expressed it.

In his opinion, his hand will cut off before signing a transaction relating to the regulation of the status of a lieutenant colonel for promotion and retirement, "who made tea in Marjeyoun" or sign decisions with regard to the transfer of employees contracted to the army invaded the army and arrested their salaries from the private fund and then the army command transferred them to the "public funds" to collect their salaries and allowances, which means that the banker "fixes" them without examinations and mechanism of legal recruitment, surprising how one of the senior officers in the Military Council, and for the assignment to retire for a week, hired his son and nephew in private funds. ».

Al-Sarraf also refused to issue a temporary interruption judgment against a policeman who stopped his car and smuggled weapons to sell him to extremist organizations. He was sentenced to six months, and after an appeal the sentence was reduced to one month, which means he can not be expelled from the army, but the cashier refused to sign the decision.

The Minister of Defense blocked his signature on the decision to apply a temporary interruption of the service to the lieutenant's right on the basis of the decision of the Disciplinary Board. The narrator asked for the text of the decision before signing, but the request was not met.

In essence, the cashier objected to and still has different behaviors & # 39; within the army that were deemed to have been terminated since General Aoun was appointed to office.

In his opinion, some employees still sign the army commander's signature, which is associated with an era known as "corruption." The Minister of Defense was also placed to store millions of liters of diesel oil in the oil facilities in exchange for a financial compensation. "Why was not the money that was not spent on the diesel returned to the treasury and why was the surplus quantity stored?"

He objected to the maintenance of the monopoly concession granted to the diesel distribution company and not to more than one company by opening tenders, he objected to the management of the distribution of surplus fuel oil to the houses of officers and soldiers (only married ) and not to barracks and military headquarters. The basic equipment of the army … even protested against the price of the bread package that the army had bought from the kilns in Beirut and the regions & # 39; s, and can not find an explanation for the name of a senior officer at the table of social aid funds, where he was allocated a million and 500 thousand pounds per month in addition to his allocations. He saw no advantage in changing the military suit and the ranger, who "destroyed the merchant's houses" and was borne by the waste of the military hospital. "There are $ 200 million for private hospitals."

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